Monday, 12 January 2009

Anonymous Comment from a Federal Civil Servant

Anonymous comments can now be submitted at DAMMIT JANET! though they are also moderated. This setting was modified in order to allow those who don't have Google accounts to leave comments.

This morning, at 9:24 AM, someone posted from this location - Government of Canada 11 Laurier Street Hull QC - this anonymous comment:

"As biased as this article may be,it's only to be expected from left-wing leaning supporters, who feel the need to use the same propoganda that they condemn others for. You may disagree with a view, and ultimately not support it - but the reality is that many "non-right wing" and "non-Christian" causes are supported by taxpayer funded initatives, yet I don't see you bashing them? It's this intolerance that is furthering the great social divide in Canada, one that is further taking away from Canada's identity as a nation that embraces and supports diversity of thought, culture and belief syste,." (sic)
It was a response to fern hill's blog post: Public Funding for Fetus Fetishists? It would seem that this civil servant, posting from her or his work station, does not agree with the view of separating Church from State. That's an opinion he or she has a right to think, but to post it from a federal government computer? One also wonders how that civil servant, working in the province of Québec, feels about the hateful anti-Québec propaganda Harper supporters spread as well as the western separatism feelings their December campaign fed?

Isn't that an ethical no-no that rightwing RepubliCons keep harping and shrieeekkking about? Oh wait. Only when it's not their own rightwing RepubliCon supporters who do it.


Chrystal Ocean said...

Oooooh! Good catch!

deBeauxOs said...

From WhoIs, I actually got the ID number of the station that comment was posted from, as well as the phone numbers of the administrative officer AND the network technician for the department. So it could be possible to find out who the Anonymous Civil Servant is.

fern hill said...

But but, dBO, he or she is just promoting diversity. All good little RepubliCons are in favour of diversity when it means their pet projects get funding. Not so much when it means that brown people and Mooooslim people and single parenty people and, gord-forbid, same-sex-loving people get support. But you wouldn't out this person, would you? Are you really that evul? (Heh, I think I know the answer to that.)

Pseudz said...

Good catch? Yes.

Catch as catch can? Catch as can ought, methinks.


Out, out, damn ... what was it?

sassy said...

.. civil servant, working in the province of Québec ..

Anon civil servant may work on the Quebec side, but could very well live in Ontario. Laurier in Hull (Gatineau Sector)in Quebec is just across the Ottawa River from Ottawa (just a 2 minute drive). There are a lot of gov office buildings in that area, in fact large complexes.

deBeauxOs said...

True, just as there are many Québec residents who work for the federal government in Ontario.

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