Friday, 28 November 2008

Write-In Poll: You Know You're NOT a Feminist When. . .

Here at Dammit Janet! we enjoy a good kerfuffle. (I just looked that up. It's a real word! In the Canadian Oxford Dictionary!)

JJ has said repeatedly that she's totally cool with being booted from the Canadian Blog Awards' Feminist category.

But we are still amused.

So, we're proposing a write-in poll called "You know you're NOT a feminist when. . ."

Here a few samples to get you started:

A person with a background in Women's Studies says so.
You get booted from the Feminist category of the CBA because more than 50% of your posts deal with subjects like human rights, religious bigotry, and lying liars, rather than the required majority of posts on tampons.
You find it screechingly funny to be booted from the CBA Feminist category along with Small Dead Brains, Five Feet of Fuckwittedness, and Blob Blogging Wingnut.

Carry on in the comments. Winner (as judged by a panel of people with backgrounds in Women's Lives) to be nominated for a Canadian Blog Award in whatever category they might as well call "The Little Bloggers' Room" next year.


deBeauxOs said...

We are NOT amused. NOT, NOT, NOT!

How about this one: you know you're not a feminist when you dislike cats.

Or maybe that should read: you know you're not a lesbian when you don't like cats.

I forget.

RP. said...

You are not a feminist because I say so. Signed, a dude.

osolomama said...

You know you're not a feminist when you think the Third Wave is a curling iron.

May I submit more than once??!!

fern hill said...

osolomama: Bien sûr. (Channelling my inner deBeauxOs.)

Beijing York said...

You know you're NOT a feminist when you know how to shoot a gun.

Gene said...

This is a very good post! And right on cue, too! So here goes: You are not a feminist when you think that being a humanist does not mean being a feminist also. There must be a better way of putting over that argument. I just can't figure it at the moment. When (and if) I do, I'll re-submit.

Alison said...

You know you're not a feminist when you fail to be accepted into the "Best-whiny-female-left-winger-who-needs-government-intervention-to-be-empowered-Maybe-throw-the-word-lesbian-in-there-too" Dinosaur Club.

So when are we starting the Annual JJ Awards?

fern hill said...

Excellent idea, Alison! Or maybe The JJ Category in the next F-Word Awards. Best Pistol-Packing Snark-Mistress Blog, aka The JJ Category.

deBeauxOs said...

I can learn how to shoot a gun? Kewl.

jj said...



Pale said...

JJ category werks for me. :)

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