Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Canadian Blog Awards Is a Joke

Further to recent musings about boycotts and grrrlcotts, this morning there's this kick in the pants.

(The background: CBA last year declined to have a Feminist Category. This year, outtatheblue, it has one. But it got freeped by the mouth-breathers who nominated a bunch of anti-feminist bloggers. Ha. Ha. So, CBA got an 'expert' on the case to decide which were Real feminist blogs. This person has a background in Women's Studies, so like, well real qualified, eh? The expert got rid of the anti-feminists, but also unaccountably booted JJ.)

OK. So JJ says she doesn't care that her blog was not deemed sufficiently feminist for the Canadian Blog Awards Feminist Category.

But doncha think it's a bit rich, considering that her blog won in two categories (Best Individual and Best Humour) in the first-ever Canadian F-Word Awards, organized and hosted by those fab gals at ACR?

Well, hey, what did the readers and bloggers who voted in that know? I mean, I bet hardly any of them have backgrounds in Women's Studies. Mainly the people who judged JJ best in two categories of the F-Word Awards have backgrounds in Women's Lives.

The CBA again proves that it's a joke. I will not be participating in round 2. I wish to hell I'd noticed JJ's absence before I voted in round 1. I guess I was just too girlishly grateful that the racists and haters had been tossed.


PollyJones said...

I'm not saying anything about the specific background of the person from Women's Studies, but it is well known that the field became disconnected and depoliticized by a narrow focus on "women's issues" and "gender studies".

I sorta retreated from the blog world for a while...there is so much bullshit.

I'll have to return and read you guys.

jj said...

No biggie, fern hill. There are lots of good blogs in the category to vote for. It was just amusing to get exterminated along with the likes of BBW & SDA... hahahaha!

fern hill said...

You're such a good sport, JJ.

But you know, I've been thinking. You probably aren't a feminist. You're way too funny. ;)

deBeauxOs said...

Speaking of way too funny (though perhaps not in the hahaha way) I really like the results of this week's MASSIVE* poll.

Next question. Mmmm, decisions, decisions.

* with a 202% response rate. Not too shabby, eh? Try to beat that, KLRVU!

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