Friday, 13 February 2015

Anti-Choice "Culture": Numismatics and Philately Divisions

A frequent lament from fetus freaks like SUZY ALLCAPS is "We have [sic] pro-lifers have no culture."

By "culture," I assume they mean music and films and television shows that don't actually suck. Celebs other than D-stringers standing up for forced pregnancy and merciless end-of-life misery. That sort of thing.

While the "culture" thing continues to elude them, there's movement on a couple of other fronts.

On January 19, I saw this on Twitter.

I asked where he saw it and he said it was an ad in the print edition of the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday, Jan. 17/15.

The coin is called "Welcome to the World" and has been issued annually since 2011.
Sells out every year, order yours before they're gone!

Andrew Dodds, like millions of others, correctly identified the symbol as the fetus freaks' "precious feet". They claim that as of 2010, 18 million of the little things have been distributed. For a glurgeful account of its history see this pdf.

"Welcome to the World" is a commemorative coin. We get that. Its target audience is the friends, family and, we imagine, especially the grandparents of new additions to the world's population.

Have a look here for images of all of them since 2011. Note that in its inaugural year, it contains the explicit words "born in/né en," dropped the following and subsequent years.

We wonder why.

Here's some info from the Royal Canadian Mint's FAQ page.

All coin products are subject to Government approval:

Non-circulation coin designs are the responsibility of the Minister responsible for the Royal Canadian Mint;

Circulation coins are authorized by Order in Council.

See, the thing is: this symbol is instantly recognizable as the international anti-abortion symbol. Did some marketing genius at the Royal Mint pitch the notion that they could sell a lot more of the doodads if they just left that "born in/né en" bit off to suck in the fetus fetishists?

Who knows? Here's the astroturf arm of Focus on the Family.

I take it as a sign of how those who are pro-choice are fighting a losing battle, because at the end of the day, the feet you celebrate and the feet whose life ends look very, very similar.

Why is the Canadian government participating in this charade? It's a commemorative coin, meant to be bought and given as a keepsake to a newborn. Fine. Leave the "born in/né en" on it and I have no problem with it.

In other news, fetus freaks are celebrating an incursion into Polish culture.

Mary Wagner, grandstanding and time-wasting anti-choice martyr, has had a stamp issued in her honour, but it's unclear to me whether it can actually function to expedite mail (emphasis mine).

“It is a new, non-conventional form of fighting for the lives of the unborn,” explained the stamp’s designer, Jacek Kotula, to LifeSiteNews. He ordered the stamps, and the Polish Postal Service issued them for a fee. On each of them appears Wagner’s face behind prison bars and the word “POLSKA” (Poland).

Kotula wanted to include the sentence "FREE MARY WAGNER" on the stamp, but it proved impossible. He said that the Post Office refused because they viewed it as “a political affair of international impact” that they did not want to get involved with.
These beautiful Polish stamps could become a collectors’ item as well as a fundraising tool.
Fundraising for whom? How?

While they still can't produced music or films that anyone would want to listen to or see, fetus freaks continue to preach to -- and profit from -- the choir.

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Anonymous said...

It's no wonder that they keep whining about how "the unborn" (omg what a ridiculous made-up term by the anti-woman crowd) never get to be born, but there is never ever a mention of the women who are forced to serve as incubators. All those women who lose their lives, or the physical and psychological torture that they endure in long labours not to mention those ten horrible months of forced pregnancy don't matter to these fetus freaks. Maybe we should do the same and post pictures of women's torn and bloody bodies after childbirth, and write statements like "sentenced to being degraded to a gestational carrier in 2011" or "tortured and vagina torn by the government of Canada in 2011."

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