Thursday, 2 October 2014

SHE Has Seen the Future

SUZY ALLCAPS has seen the future and it's a ginormous anti-choice LOSS. (plain-text url for the usual reason)

SHE links to a couple of posts by Big Nurse Stanek, Head Chef of the Sweet-and-Sour Fried Fetus Emporium, crowing about the demise of Planned Parenthood -- and therefore, ipso fatso, of abortion, in the US.

SHE doesn't think the situation in Canada is comparable -- and thank gord, she's right about that too.

SHE understands that the future of abortion is -- as we've said here many, many times -- medical abortion.

SHE says (her italics):
A general practitioner, or a nurse practitioner, the same professional who treats your kid's ear infection, can anonymously fill out a prescription for abortion pills, without raising any hackles.

And nobody has to know.

I can see this happening in private offices. Ultrasound are no longer huge machines costing tens of thousands of dollars. You can get a smartphone version, and for the purposes of a medical abortion, it can do the job.

If Planned Parenthood collapses, there will still be abortions. Only the model will change. It will be much less visible. It will probably be handled by lone providers hiding behind their "general practice".

And maybe these abortions are somewhat more troublesome than surgical abortions, but they get the job done.

The problem with this model, from the pro-life perspective, is that it's a little harder to protest the GP who does abortions, when he treats the community's ear infections, sore throats, STD's and so on.

If you make life hard on this person, it won't just be abortion clients who'll be unhappy. It will be all the patients this doctor sees.
DINGDINGDING! Give that woman a kewpie fetus!

Medical abortion is safe, effective, and much cheaper than surgical abortion. It offers women who want to get the deed over with a quick and private solution.

Which is why the fetus fetishists hate hate hate medical abortion.

And, as SHE rightly points out, fetus freaks can't protest ordinary GPs providing this service without pissing off even more people than they piss off now.

The future is on its way.

As soon as fucking Health Canada gets off its ass and approves the "gold standard" of medical abortion, RU486.
Women in 57 countries have access to the drug, according to [Dr. Sheila] Dunn. It has been available in France since 1988, in Britain since 1991 and in the United States since 2000.
But not yet in benighted Canada.

Last we heard, this momentous decision -- over 25 years in the making -- is expected sometime next year.

And Health Canada? If you're reading, be prepared for the Mother of All Ruckuses should you fail to approve it under duress from fetus freaks like SUZY.


Beijing York said...

I've been waiting for RU486 to become available in Canada since 1987. I can't imagine it happening under Harper's watch though :-(

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