Saturday, 4 October 2014

EPIC DISPLAY of Underground Gas-Line Markers: Huh? -- UPDATED

I dithered over whether to give this lame-ass demonstration any attention, then my early-Saturday-morning craving for snark kicked in.

First, the only MSM coverage of this EPIC DISPLAY I could find is here (this is the entire story; emphasis mine).
Volunteers set up 100,000 blue and pink flags on Parliament Hill Thursday morning.

Pro-life group "WeNeedALaw" says they represent the number of abortions in Canada each year.

They say they want to pressure the Canadian government to introduce a national abortion law, as the country hasn't had one since 1988.

Mike Schouten, director of the group, says the group isn't advocating for an outright ban on abortion in Canada, but for tougher restrictions.

"We see the law as a tool to not only protect the pre-born humans but to show Canadians that abortion does need to be restrained," Schouten said, adding that many Canadians disagree with things like late-term abortion and sex-selective abortions.

Just over two dozen supporters turned up for the demonstration.
Natch, that's not quite how the Fetus Freak Media (FFM) reported it.
Pro-life activists planted 100,000 tiny wire-stocked flags, half of them pink for girls, and half blue for boys, in the grass for 400 metres along Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Thursday.

Expect to see them soon in provincial capitals across Canada.

The flags were planted by 80-plus volunteers and staff associated with the pro-life group in the early morning, and retrieved in the late afternoon.
Typically, the FFM tripled the number of attendees. And note, the wee flags were carefully packed up again to magically reappear elsewhere.

And here's a piece by creepy goatee-no-moustache Dominionist front-man, Mike Schouten himself, in which he coins a new phrase.
The groundswell for laws protecting our preborn neighbhours has taken another leap forward today. Right now the front boulevard along Parliament Hill is covered with 100,000 pink and blue flags, as a testimony to the approximately 100,000 girls and boys that are denied their right to life every year in Canada. This nation has never seen anything like this before!
Yes, I dare say, he's correct. This nation has never seen a field of pink and blue underground gas-line markers before.

Well, the poor dears are getting desperate. They're losing and they know it.

Here's an encouraging round-up of the inevitable international march towards reproductive justice.
Human rights campaigners are getting stronger and more numerous and more optimistic about the future. The tide is inexorably turning in their favour -- and in women's favour. The clock will not be turned back. Welcome to our brave new pro-choice world.

Even Canada's Number One Fetus Fetishist, the delusional SUZY ALLCAPS, recognizes the MASSIVE looming ass-kicking.

For more sad pix, have a look at the photo gallery at the Facebook page of Dominionist mob Association for Reformed Political Action.

UPDATED (Dec. 10/14): The fetus freaks are a little slow. (I know, you're gobsmacked.) It seems this blogpost has just come to their attention via a FB posting. (They need clear directions, the poor dears.) So, I've published a couple of comments. There were (and probably will be) more. I'm not publishing any more of them. They are unedifying. (I know, you're gobsmacked.)

Of course, on the wild off-chance that a comment is fun, I might publish.

AFTERTHOUGHT: If fetus freaks want to engage me, I can be found on twitter, @fernhilldammit. More fun that way. All the sane people can point and laugh.

FURTHER UPDATE (Dec. 12/14): It seems the display was against the rules but Dominionists get special permission.


Alison said...

I would have preferred a nice bright display of tulips but I guess we'll have to settle for their dog poop markers.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope they didn't leave these for tax payers to clean up.

Anonymous said...

As noted above, those involved in the display took down their markers after the display. Likely because they care deeply about the message they are sending.
If you look at what the group WeNeedALaw is asking for, it is legislation around abortion. Legislation that will certainly (in their view) protect unborn babies, but also protect the women carrying them.
Currently in Canada we both 'save' fetus' born as early as 25 weeks, giving them all the human rights available in our country, and permit them to be aborted. There is some true hipocracy in that.
How about both sides give up the reactionary stance and work together to find a solution that is both humane and reasonable?

fern hill said...

"Hipocracy," eh?

WeNeedALaw is a completely bogus astroturf group run by Dominionists.

Q.V. Dominionist Theology:

Canada is a beacon to prochoice advocates in other countries precisely for not having abortion LAW.

Abortion is a necessary, common medical procedure that needs no interference from legislation.

Anti-choice people are almost universally misogynist paternalistic panty-sniffers.

And WeNeedALaw is among the worst of them.

Canada's abortion regime is both humane and reasonable.

fern hill said...

Link for Dominionist Theology.

Alison said...

Daniel Gilman, assistant to Health Minister Rona Ambrose and Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform supporter, enthuses about the flags here.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your blog as I was searching for media hits and images of the pro-life flag display that I helped organize. There were approximately 80 volunteers, I know because I organized them. Thanks for, once again, underestimating our efforts.


fern hill said...

Oh, well, then, we'll take the word of a member of a group of known liars over a media report. Anonymous to boot.

And we aren't underestimating, sweetie, we are *mocking*. Difficult distinction, I realize, but try harder.

fern hill said...

@Niki/Anon: You didn't stumble across this blog. Your masters are well aware of our work. Here's creepy Dominionist guy Schouten and here's fetal porn masturbator Van Maren.

Anonymous said...

By 'stumble' I meant that I wasn't expecting you guys to write about the display. Should've known better.

"anonymous to boot" - right, uhm, I signed my name. Did you want me to verify with my SIN or something?

And it's too bad that the media, who were all present by the way - I spoke to them, chose not to cover the event.

If you ever wanted to discuss this in person or over the phone, instead of an anonymous blog, feel free to send me a message through our website or to info(at)weneedalaw(dot)ca

- Niki

fern hill said...

Niki: This is not an anonymous blog. I use a pseudonym and have done for more than 7 years. I'm rather well known by it both in my crew and in yours.

The media chose not to cover it, probably because their editors said: Why bother with those nutters? It will just annoy our readers.

I chose to write about it because of its lameness and because it might amuse my readers

So, that would be a "no." I don't want to talk to you. No possible gain or even illumination on either side.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've got a lot of anger and bitterness in you...I feel sorry for you, to have to live with so much bitterness...Wow.

You've slammed a number of people and called them rather derogatory names - all because they don't have the same views as you...have you even met these people and chatted with them? Rather bigotted isn't it?

Lest I get accused of not leaving my name 'fern hill' - I'll sign off,


fern hill said...

[Note to regular readers: this is the last one.]

Carina: Well, yes, if in your deranged world "bigotted" [sic] means "unwilling to engage with people who would deny my human rights," then yes, indeed I am "bigotted."

Enjoy your little bubble. While it lasts. It's bursting in NB, soon in PEI, and just wait until next year when RU486 is approved.


Pseudz said...

Surely not a "BOOM!" . . . rather, a barely audible little 'pop' . . . resulting in some small flecks of spittle.

fern hill said...

BOOM! was meant to convey the sound of all the fetus freaks' heads exploding when RU486 gets approved.

But you're right, more like a bunch of little fart-like pops.

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