Thursday, 6 February 2014

Doll Face (and Body)

Twitter is often a very strange place.

One of the people I follow, @SarahSecord, posted this earlier today.

I had to ask: Where does it come from? She didn't know, said the person who posted it "did not a) post it respectfully or b) provide the name of the artist."

So I used the fabulous feature of Google Images and dragged the image into the search box and found the artist, Freya Jobbins. Have a look at her other work. For me, it's about equal parts playful and seriously creepy.

Here's an Artist Statement from her.
Toys, especially dolls can represent so much to us all. Memories of surreal companionship, co-dependancy, learned nurturing, innocent love to sexual and morbid curiosity. Represented flesh, like the plastic flesh used to manufacture these dolls to recreate 'the real thing, has beauty in its divine detail. To the superficial perfection of Barbie, Ken and the Bratz dolls to the plump baby dolls, the plastic is a very non-traditional sculpting material. But the act of cutting, dismembering and reconstructing the damaged, discarded, and worthless dolls, into humanoid faces and busts is a metaphor I use either consciously or subconsciously.
This particular piece, though, has some complex resonance for me, and I imagine, other feminists.

Might this be the ideal vision of women by misogynist anti-choicers?

Me, I'm going to keep it handy to post whenever I get lectured about the proper role of women.

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