Thursday, 6 February 2014

Choice in Canada vs. No Choice in Texas

In Canada, a brain-dead pregnant women is being kept on life support until her fetus, dubbed "Baby Iver", can be delivered.

In Texas, a brain-dead pregnant woman was similarly kept on life support to incubate her fetus.

Can you spot the difference? The Canadian partner and family believe that the mother would have wanted it this way and, indeed they want the process to continue if possible, notwithstanding potential damage to the eventual child.

In Texas, however, the parents, paramedics both, had discussed this sort of horrible possibility and had decided that life support should be withdrawn in such a case.

Writing in the Dallas Morning News, columnist Jacquielynn Floyd titled her piece "Marlise Muñoz case was about bureaucracy, politics -- and cruelty".
Marlise was no longer alive. She was not a patient. She was deceased. But someone at JPS [the hospital], which has issued few details beyond terse press statements, decided her corpse must be forced to go on incubating the fetus, despite her family’s uniform plea to let them put her to rest.

This did not happen until Sunday, when the hospital complied with a state district judge’s ruling last week ordering the woman disconnected from artificial support.

It’s a vicious irony that this family was better prepared for this tragedy than most. Marlise and Erick, as paramedics, had seen their share of trauma and death.

In Canada, the wishes -- the choice -- of the family were respected. In Texas, home of Tea Bagger "small government" proponents, politics and cruelty prevailed. Until the good sense of the court intervened.

I hope "Baby Iver" is healthy and the family can cope with whatever care is needed.

But this is what choice is about. And why the "War on Women" in the US is a very real thing.


Anonymous said...

You have a very warped sense of what actually happened and I find it humorous that you blame the "Tea Party". It's a typical scape goat for liberals and socialists who don't understand how our system of government is supposed to work as a republic and don't have a clue how Texas acutally works but feel the need to attack it. Feel free to stay where you are, speak the talking points and basically come off as an uninformed douche for automatically placing blame on a small faction of a political party that you apparently know nothing about other than what your media has told you.

What it comes down to is that there is a state law that protects the unborn fetus in case the mother is incapacitated. In this case the hospital, was covering it's rear and not allowing the families wishes to be executed and the women taken off of life support. The court ruled that she be taken off of life support as you posted however; you continue to attack Texas and the US.

I always find it interesting that someone that doesn't live in our country has to open their mouth and talk about our laws and how we do things as if your laws and morals are any better.

Last there is no war on women, it is fabricated by liberals who feel that their lack of personal responsibility and common sense while engaging in legal consenting sexual acts trumps the fact that there is a viable fetus, a living being. I use to be pro choice until I had a child and was able to see hands, feet and other body parts on the sonogram at 20 weeks, so your argument is basically, as we say here in Texas, is bullshit.

Note: the author that created this response was born and raised in Texas, is college educated, served in the Marines, and is a gun toating libertarian. What does this mean to a die hard liberal/socialist? It means that rational decisions are made based off of individual liberty and common sense versus emotion and talking points that drives the typical liberal.

Anonymous said...

the fact that you have to approve comments to your site, which I am pretty sure won't be approved, just showes that you are a joke.

fern hill said...

And there we have a "gun toating" libertarian Texan.

Yes. Be afraid. They're that stupid.

deBeauxOs said...


Anonymous said: "the fact that you have to approve comments to your site, which I am pretty sure won't be approved, just showes [sic] that you are a joke."

This is our blogsite. In spite of your grandiose sense of entitlement and need to tell other women what to do with their bodies and their embryos, you don't have a right to demand we publish your comment.

We did post it. It is a good example of the kind of mindset that would force a husband and a family to watch a cherished woman's body decompose while her womb is artificially maintained as a cadaverous incubator, just to avoid harassment from antiChoice zealots like you.

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