Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Should Doug Ford be told by an adult to shut up?

Last week we wrote this, about Doug Ford and his histrionics.

The more bullies like him and Rob bellow their loathsome discourse, the quicker it become evident how mendacious they truly are.

Today Doug Ford described Karen Stintz in disparaging terms, at a Toronto council meeting about how the city might handle future natural disasters like the ice storm. The Fordzilla brothers reacted to her criticism about Rob Ford's activities with their well-honed two-fer tactics: temper tantrums and name-calling.

From here: “You saw for the first time Karen Stintz going unglued. I’ve seen it numerous times,..." Doug Ford said.

Norm Wilner is a seasoned observer of the Toronto political and cultural environment.  He also tweeted this:

Before the council meeting, Mayor Ford was asked by reporters about his campaigning activities on the weekend.  A female journalist had the temerity to ask him if he had been drinking. His response was to suggest she was jealous - yes jealous - of the prurient attention that he draws when he appears in public.

Wilmer's observation about Rob Ford's attitudes towards women was not pulled out of thin air.  
In December, Ford said: "Women love money," [...] Ford added that while he planned to get his wife "some treats on the side," his big gift to her would be "a nice cheque." "I get a basket and flowers and a little bit of this and that, but at the end of the day, she wants her cash," he said. "So I give her a nice cheque and we're all happy." 
From here.  

The Sun reported recently that Ford bragged about what he did give his spouse Renata at Christmas. 

Since Ford doesn't let his wife talk to reporters, we'll have to take his word that "she's really really happy".

At this point, Diane, the Ford matriarch, may be the only one who might be able to get Doug and Rob to shut up.  Though it's unlikely she would do so; she gets gratification from her boys attacking women who are councillors and journalists and professionals; they are paid to speak their mind.  That's not why women get "a nice cheque" in the Ford family.  

My co-blogger fernhill has written quite a bit about the dysfunctional Fords


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Seems like he needs to be spanked and sent to his room until he's ready to behave with the adults.

deBeauxOs said...

There's no doubt in my mind that many forms of psychological and likely physical abuse against their children by Doug Sr and Diane.

Nobody talks about the Ford's sister Kathy, unless her "domestic issues" make the news, usually in the crime reports.

This is what people damaged as children do when they grow up. The difference between the Fords and most ordinary folks is that they have all that money and political connections to shield them from personal accountability.

Remember this?

Beijing York said...

In all my years in Ottawa, I don't think I know of anyone who might have ever encountered Ford at Carlton University. I'd be curious to hear whether he was the same or not. He seems emotionally and intellectually stunted - almost pre-teen levels of immaturity.

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