Friday 10 January 2014

Lying Is Complicated

The fetus fetishists have a major sub-fetish for ultrasound. They believe that women seeking abortions are magically transformed into willing, nay, eager brood-mares by exposure to an ultrasound image.

Oddly, a rather big study doesn't agree.
Researchers analyzed over 15,575 visits to a large, urban abortion provider in 2011. All of the patients received an ultrasound before continuing with the abortion procedure, and all of them were given the opportunity to look at the image. Most patients chose not to look at it. Women did opt to view the ultrasound about 42 percent of the time — and among those women, about 98 percent of them went on to have an abortion anyway.
So why didn't the magic work?

Part of it is no doubt the fact that women don't book an abortion appointment without being pretty sure that's what they want.

And then there's this:
But about 61 percent of women having an abortion have already given birth to at least one child; they understand the biological realities of pregnancy, and they’ve seen an ultrasound before.

Noooooo! the fetus fetishists shrieeeek. We must refute this.

Here's the actual headline:

Do ultrasounds save lives? New study claims ‘no.’ Pro-life experts says ‘yes…but it’s complicated’

If that doesn't have you laughing your ass off, here is their explanation.
But Brian Fisher, the founder of Online for Life, a pro-life organization that specializes in connecting abortion-bound women with ultrasound-providing crisis pregnancy centers, says that, at best, the study proves only that the ultrasounds provided at abortion clinics have a limited effect, not that sonograms are an inherently weak tool.

“We've always maintained that the key to changing hearts and minds isn't the ultrasound in a vacuum,” Fisher told  “It is an ultrasound given within a caring, compassionate environment where explanation and counsel can be given.” 

Online for Life prides itself on its data-driven approach to pro-life work, and Fisher says their data shows that about 43 percent of at-risk women who visit one of their partner crisis pregnancy centers, all of which are equipped with ultrasounds, will choose life. The ultrasound plays a large role in convincing these women to keep their babies, he said.
Shorter: When we have vulnerable women in our clutches at our fake clinics and feed them lies and distortions, we can guilt them out of abortion. Because we pride ourselves on our lies data.

Even shorter: Lalalalala, we can't hear you.


Anonymous said...

So a study that looked at real evidence and posted its methodology for all to see says one thing but some guy insists that his anecdotal evidence means that there are doubts and that's their argument.
If they want to actually argue properly why not go over the study, check its methodology and see if the results are accurate. Regardless of who did it, if they messed up with the method, calculations or conclusion the fetishists should be able to determine that and refute it properly. It's called science maybe they should try it some time.

fern hill said...

Silly harebell, that's not how it works.

We, the sane people, do that.

They, the insane people, tell lies, make unfounded assertions, yell, and stomp their little feet. And declare themselves WINNERS!

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