Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pro-choice violence: The evidence

Update on the 'pro-choice violence' anti-choice shit-disturbing at the Imperial Pub.

If this is their evidence, no wonder the cops weren't interested.

And isn't it interesting that there are two young black men in the chalking group? Were the fetus fetishists offering a 'choice' between race and gender on which they were planning their complaint?

I'm betting this isn't the first time the Imperial Pub has been targetted. Look how close the Pub (first map) is to Campaign Lie's office (second map).


deBeauxOs said...

It sounds to me as though whoever is recording the confrontation is trying to direct, provoke and escalate by claiming there is violence.

Up until she says something it's just the elderly guy trying to shoo the young ones away.

Hey you kids, get off my sidewalk.

Who's the anti-choice jerk recording it on her cellphone - Golob?

Pseudz said...

There's more to this . . . 'frinstance: Why particularly the Imperial Pub? The same environs have Ryerson student residences and City TV. I'll wager that there's a rationale in the minutes of a planning meeting. Can the Imperial Pub be protected by a Bubble by-law or Restraining Order?

fern hill said...

@dBO, yep, Golob. Who makes her living working for Campaign Lie as youth coordinator or somesuch BS title.

This is just kabuki for the base. Gotta keep those contributions rolling in.

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