Friday 30 August 2013

Call the WAAHmulance!

When pesky fetus fetishists chalked up the sidewalk outside his Toronto business with anti-choice glurge, Imperial Pub owner, Fred Newman, told them to knock it off. They refused so he got his staff to wash it away.

Well, of course they wanted to provoke something, so they redid it.
Here's how LifeShite is reporting the incident.
Newman then became aggressive towards the group, shouting and waiving his arms.

Footage filmed by Golob shows Newman demanding the pro-life activists leave the area. Golob can be heard saying to her companions: “You don’t have to engage with him [the owner], I just want to make sure nothing violent happens.”

At that point, footage shows Newman turning towards Golob and launching himself at her with raised fists shouting: “This is violence.”

Golob escaped injury by ducking away from his blow.
(IANAL but a bit of advice: perhaps LifeShite would be well advised to add an 'alleged' before that 'blow'.)

It goes on. (Dig the language.)
“[This is just] another example of the pro-‘choice’ movement violently attacking women in attempt [sic] to take away their choice to publicly demonstrate,” said Golob at the time to

When Golob reported the incident to police, she was disturbed when the officer appeared to take the side of the pub owner. Police refused to pursue the matter further.

“When I called the police, Officer Humphreys told me that since the pub owner didn't ‘touch’ me there was nothing they could do," she said. "They said that if I go back a second time, and the police get called, then I would be to blame because I would be ‘disturbing the peace.’"
Officer Humphreys is right. That's exactly what they were doing -- shit-disturbing.

Fetus fetishists have an odd fascination for that corner. That's the site of their annual creepy xmas crying toy-soldier billboard.

On Twitter, we were speculating why that corner is so attractive to them. Targets may be a nearby public health clinic (that doesn't do abortions obviously) perhaps serving Ryerson students or just Ryerson students in general.

In any case, it's a good pub. The Library upstairs is very comfy with a fairly quiet patio. So, if you've worked up a thirst in the Yonge/Dundas neighbourhood, drop in and show your support.

The Imperial Pub is on Twitter too. Another way to show them some love.

UPDATE: Best notion on why that corner.

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