Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Keep digging!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, second from left, poses for a photo opportunity with, from left to right, chairman of the Toronto Port Authority Mark McQueen, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport in Toronto Friday, March 9, 2012.

 Harper, Ford, Flaherty and some other entitled person.

The photograph was used last evening at this event, sponsored by the Canadian Labour Congress.

Julie Lalonde did a presentation for Hollaback! Ottawa.

I'll post more about that later; my DSL is wonky and my internet connection tenuous at the moment - the aftermath of last night's deluge.

In the meantime fellas, keep digging!  If you're as persistent about doing that as you are at serving corporate interests, you'll have burrowed your way to China, eventually ...

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kootcoot said...

When they've finished digging the hole, if they will jump into it I will happily come and backfill it over them!

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