Monday, 12 August 2013

Ford Follies: Monday Morning Round-up

Your Monday morning round-up on the bizarreness that is the Chief Magistrate of Toronto.

First from the Globe and Mail, Rob Fucking Ford goes to jail.

An after-hours appearance by Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at a west-end jail in March was deemed unusual by correctional officials and prompted an e-mail describing the incident for the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services, multiple sources have told The Globe and Mail.

Mr. Ford went to the jail that night to speak with a then-inmate named Bruno Bellissimo, The Globe has learned. Mr. Bellissimo, 43, is not named in the e-mail, but two sources, including Mr. Bellissimo’s mother, identified him as the person Mr. Ford was trying to contact.

At around 7 p.m. on March 25, about three hours after official visiting hours, Mr. Ford arrived unannounced at the Toronto West Detention Centre and asked if he could have a tour of the jail, four sources with knowledge of aspects of the incident said. After the tour request was declined, the mayor indicated he wanted to meet with Mr. Bellissimo, a source in the correctional system, as well as Mr. Bellissimo’s mother, Maria Bellissimo, said in interviews.
Bruno Bellissimo is described as having 'a history of drug-related activity'. He and Ford have known each other since they were kids.

Note also Ford lied initially, saying he wanted a tour of the jail then revealing he wanted to see Bellissimo.

Back to Taste of the Danforth. On his radio show yesterday, Ford admitted he had 'a couple of beers'. To many people this is the troubling bit.

The mayor said he drove himself to the festival area, and “I was not drinking.” But after having a few beers, Ford said he did not drive home because he was met by members of his staff.

For me, the tell is that he dodged the official function *and* his staff to go to the festival unleashed. Staff found out through 'social media', presumably Twitter, and came running. Along with about ten cops (?), they caught up with him.

Also. Again from The Star link.

His brother Doug, who is an Etobicoke councillor, added that he also joined the mayor at Taste of the Danforth.

“We go down to a festival. We have a couple beers and you have everyone on you,” Doug Ford said, noting they are just “average guys.”
The Star points out that 'those comments run counter' to what Dougie said in March.
Radio host Jerry Agar questioned Doug Ford about whether his brother has an alcohol problem. Doug Ford went as far as saying he has never seen Rob drink.

“When I’m out at an event, and you can ask any councillor, or anyone, I’ve never seen Rob drink. At family functions, I’ve never seen Rob drink,” he said in March.

All lies. All the time.

Image source and links to videos from Taste of the Danforth.

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Pseudz said...

. . . and if Doug's pants actually do ignite - he'll say he was just trying to save his brother (the poor guy) from the jackals of the Pinko Press. Yeah, riiiight. It's not the truth with Doug; it's the vehemence and the repetitions.

I hope that Doug's plans for provincial politics are sucked under with the final sinking of the mayor's dingy of state.

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