Thursday, 8 August 2013

Gril on Gril: Babs Spanks Gwen

More for the novelty than anything else, herewith a column by Babs Kay that isn't stupendously stupid.

Taking on Gwen Landolt's latest moronic brain-fart (that deBeauxOs critiqued yesterday), Babs first maunders on about how much she respects REAL Women.

I found this amusing though. In one paragraph she says 'since, unlike most feminist organizations that wouldn’t exist without some form of government subsidy, they are self-funding' and in the next she gauges the actual size of the gang with 'their president, Gwen Landolt (who effectively is REAL Women)'.

Then Babs proceeds to spank Gwen. Some gems:
Ms. Landolt is out of line here. . .

stunning moral gaffe. . .

Her statement, first of all, offends against Christianity. . .

Thus, in one fell swoop, she has aligned herself with anti-Semites who shrugged as Jews were persecuted in Russia. . .

I think REAL Women may just have imploded as a credible organization. . .

OK, well, that last bit is pretty stupendously stupid. REAL Women never was credible to anyone but the credulous.

But maybe this Gwen-gaffe is finally enough to discredit the gang even in the eyes of the Contempt Party of Canada.

Too much to hope for? We'll see.

Just checked to see if Gwen has tried walking it back yet. Nope. But comments on the original news release have been closed.

UPDATE: LanDOLT not backing down.

Added by deBeauxOs: Alison at Creekside on R.E.A.L.Women supporting Russian family values. 

Hmm. I wonder what Gwen Landolt thinks of Pussy Riot?

Hey, I'm just goofing around!


Námo Mandos said...

and feminists who do not censure the disgusting practice of female genital mutilation because it is “their” cultural custom.

I did a double-take at this one and mentally put in a [citation needed].

Also, yeah, who didn't already know that this was what REAL Women was all about?

Alison said...

Isn't the real reason REAL Women don't have gov funding is because it was cut off two decades ago?
Interesting comment left at my place re maybe Landolt is acting as a womens auxiliary for muzzled backbenchers like Wawawa.

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