Wednesday, 7 August 2013


That was the MASSIVE sound produced, one might call it a "dis-sonic boom", as R.E.A.L.women's home-schooled fundamentalist christian homophobia collides with the Harper government's Foreign Affairs Minister's efforts to counter homophobia in foreign countries.

From here:

Real Women of Canada, a privately funded socially conservative group, says Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is imposing his own views on Uganda, Kenya and Russia when he criticizes those countries for passing legislation targeting homosexuals.

The group, which describes itself as a "pro-family conservative women's movement," issued a press release Wednesday decrying what it called Baird's "abuse of office" and his awarding of a $200,000 grant to "special interest groups" in Uganda and Kenya "to further his own perspective on homosexuality."

Real Women also lambasted Baird for admitting he worked extensively behind the scenes to persuade Russia not to pass laws restricting foreign adoption of Russian children by gay couples and cracking down on gay rights activism to control the spread of "homosexual propaganda."

Finally, the press release states, "Mr. Baird's actions are destructive to the conservative base in Canada and causing collateral damage to his party."
We have written about R.E.A.L.women's odious, toxic anti-feminist lobby before.

MP Mark (motion 408) Warawa is a huge fan.

They helped pick the Jubilee medal winners, one - a jailed criminal.

They even attacked Helena Guergis when she was still a member in good standing of Harper's cabinet.  Funny though, how virulently gynophobic the CPC Cons get when women like Belinda Stronach, Helena Guergis and Bev Oda and Marjory LeBreton draw attention to their vacuous principles.

Which leads me to think that the unofficial Harper policy towards women which Sen. Nancy Ruth called "friendly advice" - when she addressed it to feminist organizations - will be swiftly and brutally executed.

Pass the popcorn, please.

Added by fh: The Disaffected Lib is on it too. Fun! Popcorn!

Landolt suggested Baird was meddling when he raised such concerns.

“It really is offensive,” Landolt said Wednesday. “The issue is really why is he interfering in a sovereign country’s legislation? He really has no business to do that.

“I don’t want other countries to get what we have here where people’s religious values and traditional values are being pushed aside and giving homosexuals priority,” she said.

“According to Mr. Baird it’s a protection of human rights but it’s not universally accepted. It’s not a Canadian value,” she said.

The organization describes itself as a “pro-family conservative women’s movement . . . Our common bond is our belief that the family is the most important unit in society.”

The same news release also says that “homosexual activists” have become a “tyrannical minority.”

Oh really?  Like the fetushist, anti-choice, anti-women's right to reproductive justice,  “tyrannical minority”? 

via Stephen Lautens' tweet.


fern hill said...

Here's where we juxtapose. REAL Women say LGBTQ rights are *not* human rights.

But LifeShite says fetal rights *are* human rights.

And that's the way RWNJs roll. Born, grown-ups = no rights. Unborn = ALL the rights.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the actual paid membership is of real women. Do they ever do anything other than let Gwen out of the barn now and then to spew hatred?

Pseudz said...

Did she learn how to knot a logic-pretzel in Bible college? It's actually more like Mobius-strip logic . . . Pack a lunch 'cause this circular shit doesn't end.

Beijing York said...

Just checked their page and they are describing themselves as: NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN.

Holy PUKE! Just reading their front page stories is enough to make me want to stab myself. Why does this organization get any freaking funding or respect? I would really love to see their membership and donor lists.

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