Friday 5 July 2013

SUZY: Fetal Gore Pr0n DOES TOO WORK!

Joyce Arthur has a piece at Rabble on why fetus porn doesn't help the anti-choice cause. Her impetus is the latest stunt from the FetusMobile gang to plaster chosen MPs' ridings with postcards bearing the usual gory image next a photo of the MP.

Hilariously, SUZYALLCAPS is in a lather over it.

Here's the URL and regular DJ! readers will know why it's not in the form of a link.

For non-regular readers, here's the reason as explained by Canadian Cynic in an old blogpost titled 'The Creepy Eliminationism of Suzanne Fortin'.

OH, DEAR: As commenter Fern predicted, Suzanne Fortin is such a dishonest hack, she redirected the link to her post to fetal porn -- you know, the horrific, bloody images that one suspects she masturbates to on a regular basis. So here's a screenshot of the text in question:

SHE thinks fetal gore porn works just fine and calls Joyce Arthur 'crazy'.

Okey-dokey then.


Niles said...

It's good to know they have better things to do than help people already born into this world.

I'm sure they're brimming over with going to the aid of people with small children made homeless by the flooding disaster in Calgary. I can only hope their local stupid truck o' fetal ketchup gore was one of the vehicles turned into mud traps.

But heck, knowing their sort, they're probably gloating that this is Gawwwddd punishing the sinful non-theocratic nation for all those preborn trillions awash, forget it, I can't even do sarcasm reductio ad absurdem that someone isn't doing with a straight face and gleeful sadism.

PS: Thanks to the thunderstorms/rain some of the places around Calgary that were finally dug out are going back under the waters tonight. We'll have to see if the Stampede goes back under as well. Going to be a long summer.

fern hill said...

Right, they're based in Calgary.

I wonder how this address fared in the Deluge: Box 123, 5 - 8720 Macleod Tr SE.

Niles said...

Too far south for the flooding, thank terrain. That address is in a strip mall.

The Righteous Pearl Clutchers move the truck with the ketchup gore panels around the city and park it in areas with good visibility, usually on Christianist property.

I tend to see it either in traffic or in the Northeast when they park it so it can be seen when driving by on McKnight Blvd.

The last time I saw one of their 'in-your-face' bewailings on street corners was last year during Stampede. The general response from passers-by then was...unreceptive. I suspect if they try it again this year, they might find people even less tolerant of their 'martyrdom'.

But hey, the summer appears to be shaping up as a competition of disasters. I feel Quebec's terrible pain given the near-miss of the CP bridge collapse derailment in Calgary just as everyone was starting to see recovery.

Flooding is a 'slow' disaster compared to explosions but the scenario of attempting to deal with petroleum product contamination in already compromised environment...everyone here suddenly understood how it would be a mega disaster.

Likely why CP threw everything they could at the Calgary collapse. I'm no fan of Hunter Harrison and his dripping bloody knife but the frontline folks at CP still left in their jobs worked their asses off to avert the horror. Now, we just have to deal with fecal contamination of the rivers about 800 times what is acceptable.

Poor Lac-Megantic never had that chance and now has that mega disaster...or the disaster has the town, since it may have wiped the town out.

Anonymous said...

The fetusmobile is alive and well in downtown Calgary. I saw it a few times over a 2 hour period yesterday just as the Stampede parade crowd was breaking up and families were enjoying the festivities on the streets. You really have to wonder what kind of twisted fuck would drive a truck like that. I took the driver's picture before giving him the finger, but I'm sure that just made him feel more special.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I debate any forced birther, they go to great lengths to tell me how horrible abortion is, and how I should go look at all the abortion photos, which will then change my mind.

I really think they get off, in some sense, by looking at the fetus porn. They actively SEEK it out.

They are like the people who visit gore sites - they get some sort of sick rush out of it.

Niles said...

Sigh, can't seem to link things but "Legion of Reason" Podcast Facebook group captured photos of the ketchup gore gang going strong in Calgary on Friday.

The mutilated baybee martyrs had a biiig billboard up at a street corner, protestors and a mailbox assault in Harper's riding.

Good luck with that gang, reap what you sew.

JJ said...

@Anon 16:39: "The fetusmobile is alive and well in downtown Calgary."

Ahh, I was wondering what happened to it, they seem so quiet this year. I thought I might have to put out another milk-carton APB ("Have you seen this fetusmobile??")

Beijing York said...

LOL, that milk carton comment is too funny JJ :-)

Námo Mandos said...

They had dead fetus pics just on Wellington Street in front of the Hill for Canada Day. Really doesn't have the effect they would like it to have.

deBeauxOs said...

The recoil and cringe effect?

That's the response most sane people have to the grisly, gory fetus p0rn pix, except for the fetushists who relish them.

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