Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hail Satan!

From Joe.My.God:

All of Teabagistan went into an uproar last night after a handful of pro-choice activists allegedly chanted "Hail Satan" as a group of anti-abortion activists sang Amazing Grace in the rotunda of the Texas Capitol.
(I'm sooo stealing 'Teabagistan'.)

He says he watched the video a couple of times and could only hear 'Hail Satan' once. Me too.

So once again demonstrating their absolute humourlessness and pathological thin-skinnedness, fetus fetishists are going nuts.

And now 'Hail Satan' is trending on Twitter.

A small assortment of samples. First, the non-humour-impaired.

Now the frothing mad.

And a representative from Faux News.

Yep. Time for a mass exorcism.

Of misogynist Vatican Talibanis and their enablers and allies.

ADDED: According to Joe.My.God. the smear was started by RAPEpublican representative Scott Sanford. Text of his tweets are there, but they've been deleted from his time-line. What ignorant cowards these dinosaurs are.

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Bleatmop said...

Anybody else see any women in the pro-life crowd?? Ya, neither did I.

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