Friday, 15 March 2013

Whose safety?

A group of students stage an impromptu theatrical intervention, to welcome Con MP Stephen Woodworth (of Motion 312 infamy) to the University of Waterloo.

There are more students protesting his appearance at a *Campus Crusade for Life* club than there are Zygote/Embryo/Fetus zealots present to hear him...

One of the proChoice agitprop performers said to the cops shielding Woodworth from verbal remonstrations and the Vagina-Lady: "Why are you concerned about his safety and not the safety of our uteruses?" 

Here's an overview of DJ! previous posts about Woodworth's Wank.

Grand merci to Canadian Cynic for bringing another Woodworth FAIL to our attention — though I disagree with his comment. Buffoon antics are the perfect way to foil rightwing christian fundamentalist ideology and tactics!

Meanwhile, with M408 the antiChoice forces within Harper's CPC get ready to launch another attack against women's reproductive justice rights and pregnant women's right to choose to carry (or not) their pregnancy to term on March 28 - right in time for Easter! 

Con MP Mark Warawa's Motion 408 is also a thinly disguised attempt to criminalize abortion, women, and the healthcare professionals who provide medical support.

ADDED: According to the Notional Pest, the artist known as Vulveeta is from WLU and he made that nifty outfit.  Those rightwing christianist conservatives like Woodworth just suck all the fun out of fundamentalism.  So dour and sour.


choice joyce said...

Debate on Warawa's Motion 408 has been bumped to April 15 (probable date) because of the budget being tabled on March 21.

fern hill said...

Somebody on Twitter said (something like): On being confronted with a giant vagina, Woodworth was overheard to mutter: 'What the hell is THAT?'

fern hill said...

dBO just retweeted the comment. It was by Voice of tReason.

deBeauxOs said...

I just love how Boiling Cat Piss' amateur video highlights how Woodworth is "threatened" by Vagina Lady, who's really a fella.

The cops were called in?!?

Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you can have fun with one Officer R. Logan being clearly identifiable in the footage. I'd love to file a charge against him for assault from his actions towards the cameraman. If anything, I believe the exact video can bring down Woody Wankworth.

Anonymous said...

Pro-lifers disrupt women's right to access abortion every day in this country, year in, year out. Therefore, I love it when the tables are turned on them and THEY DON'T GET IT!

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