Thursday 14 March 2013

Money-Where-Our-Mouths-Are Time

LeadNow needs $10,000.

Donate to crowd-fund the opinion poll that could prove Canadians support political cooperation.

We know Canadians are ready for political cooperation to defeat Harper and pass crucial reforms. Now, we have to prove it.

We’ve put together a major opinion poll that could show widespread support for cooperation and rock national media and party leaders. Now, we urgently need your help to fund the poll. If enough of us chip in right now, we’ll be able to release the results before voting begins in the Liberal leadership race.

Every dollar gets us closer to commissioning this vital opinion poll - can you chip in right now to help make it happen?

At the beginning of the Liberal leadership campaign the only candidate in the race with a strong pro-cooperation position, Joyce Murray, was ignored by national media. But now, with just a few weeks left to the final vote, she is near the top of the race, and everyone is watching.
I mean, shit, if crowdsourcing can raise $2 million in a day for a movie based on a defunct teen-cult telly show (that I'd never heard of), surely a bunch of concerned Canadians can get this done.

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