Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vaginas Retaliate!

The University of Cincinnati recently played host to the campus-roving display of huge nasty photos linking abortion to genocide and slavery and bad breath. You know, the FetusMobile people.

Well, some smarty-pants students came up with an absolutely brilliant idea and are pulling it off in spectacular fashion.
Nearly a dozen billboard-sized photos of vaginas in various states – including shaved ones, others that are blemished, and still some with tampons inserted – are slated for display today and tomorrow at the University of Cincinnati as part of a student-sponsored “Re-Envisioning the Female Body” exhibit.

The female genitalia photos are in direct retaliation to an anti-abortion display hosted by prolife students at the university last May that included graphic images of aborted fetuses, its organizers state.

“Their billboard-sized photographs equated mutilated fetuses with genocide victims in an effort to shame women,” states Female Body exhibit organizers on their Facebook page. “Our demonstration serves to call attention to the vaginas as a site of conflict … its purpose is to incite conversation about the objectification, exploitation and discrimination of women’s bodies … it points to the negative disposition our society holds toward the vagina.”
. . .
“The pose that I chose reflects this idea that a woman’s body is sort of medicalized,” Kate Elliott, the University of Cincinnati student who co-organized the exhibit and took the vagina photos, told City Beat. “I overexposed the images so they’re really jarring. They’re not cutesy or subtle, they’re right up in your face.”

There's a Facebook page with one of the photos and lots of comments, natch.

Whose work would aspiring feminist portrayers evoke? The Grand Mistress of Vagina Art, of course.

The University will not interfere.

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Sixth Estate said...

I had a fairly good idea what I'd find, but out of curiosity, I trolled the main American news sites to see what sort of pictures they'd line up for an article on this subject. I figured just getting them to use the word vagina in a news article would be hard enough. I wasn't disappointed.

This, for instance, appears to be what the Cleveland Plain Dealer thinks a vagina looks like:

deBeauxOs said...

Sixth Estate's link, clickable.

Anonymous said...

I miss the good old days when the fetus fetishists ("right to lifers" they called their delusional selves back then) would show up at the annual fall county shindig with a "Real" fetus in a jar -- no wimpy images, though little brother & I still giggle to this day wondering whether the "fetus" was real, fake, frog, extra-terrestrial, reptilian...

I've always wondered what makes these people so petrified of vaginas in their natural state, yet so enthralled by gory fetus porn. Seems pretty sick.


Violette said...

Meanwhile here in
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan...

I wrote an e-mail. I don't know if it will help.

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