Thursday 28 March 2013

M408 Blowed Up Real Good

The Iron Fist of PMSHithead comes crashing down on Warawa's Wank.

Conservative MP Mark Warawa has lost his appeal to bring a motion condemning sex-selective abortion to the House of Commons for debate.

The procedure and House affairs committee upheld a decision by its subcommittee that Warawa's motion, M-408, isn't eligible to be debated by MPs, despite the advice of a non-partisan Library of Parliament analyst that the motion was in order.

Warawa has five days to appeal to the House of Commons. He said Monday that he has the backing he needs to bring the appeal, with the support of five MPs from two recognized parties. That appeal will lead to a secret ballot over whether the motion can be brought for debate.

Warawa said he's "very disappointed" but was going to take a few days before deciding whether to appeal. He can also introduce another private member's bill or motion instead of appealing the decision.
I never doubted that it was voteable. It was just a non-binding motion, after all, a shiny thing for the fetus fetishists in the CONtempt Party to amuse themselves with when they weren't being called upon to smear the Opposition.

A sop to the base, in short.

Who could have foreseen that the rigid control of the PMO would cause such a delightful ruckus?

And it appears that other zygote zealots were gobsmacked too.

Under the heading Parliament complicit with sex-selective abortions, Campaign Lie SHRIEEEKS.
"The decision to crush M-408 is proof that Harper will go to any extreme to distance himself from any reference to abortion, even if that means compromising on democracy," said Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition.

And what do we have here?

Ooh. Very bad language from Paul Tuns, editor in chief of The Interim, 'Canada's Life and Family Newspaper'.

I'm calling it: SPECTACULAR FAIL.


Anonymous said...

I told the CPC caller that too, just before the last federal election. That's why I got a call on election day from a woman claiming to be from elections canada telling me my polling station had moved (It had not) SO, if you tell the con party to fuck off, they will try to fuck you right back. Be careful.

fern hill said...

Wow. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. CPC callers probably have a form with a box marked 'fuck off' to tick.

Godel Noodle said...

Yeah, I think the phone polling has been rendered unsafe. Tempted as I am to reply to such a query with, "Why do you want to know? So you can decide whether to try to interfere with my ability to vote?", it's probably best to hang up without a word or say something like, "This is a private line. Please don't call this number again" (assuming you end up answering the call at all).

Anyway, I think there's a grammatical error in your headline, Fern Hill. Check the conjugation of the second word there. ;-)

fern hill said...

Ack! GN, you're right! Or should that be
'your right'? 'Your write'?

I fix.

deBeauxOs said...

Isn't the *blowed* intentional, to balance out the *real good*.

I though there was a felicitous symmetry...

fern hill said...

dBO: It *was* 'blew'. I changed it.

Godel Noodle said...

Hehe! Yes, much better now!
(Also, I think it might be "UR rite," but the trailing "e" looks inappropriately formal, so I could be rong about that.)

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