Friday, 29 March 2013

Git your souvenir oilsands globe here!

The pitch (yeah, eh, eh, eh):

The innovator is Dan Murphy.

For extra fun, enter the search term "A Celebration of Tarsands!" at  youtube.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. I have been working on a more humble initiative: 'Genuine Canadian Tailing Pond Water' bottles. Glass bottles would be filled with genuine tailing pond water and adorned with attractive labels. They would be sold at souvenir shops across Canada, and at online web stores for international distribution.

All Canadians, and anyone else in the world, would be able to have a first-hand taste of the new Canadian petro-state. And if the business took off, it could mean 'jobs, jobs, jobs!' for unemployed Canadians in the manufacturing sector.

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