Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Today in Harpocrit Land

It's Pink Shirt Day today.

I booted up the Twitter machine, checked the hashtag for Warawa's Wank and nearly blew camomile tea out my nose.

I wasn't the only one struck by this hypocritical drivel.

Well, we all know the answer to Claudine's question, don't we?
Votes from a handful of Conservative backbenchers weren’t enough to push through an NDP proposal to strike an all-party committee to study and craft a national anti-bullying strategy.

The motion from NDP backbencher Dany Morin was defeated Wednesday night in the Commons by a vote of 149 to 134. About half a dozen Conservative backbenchers voted in favour of the motion, but the support was not enough to have it passed.
I looked and found the five Cons who voted for it: Smith, Allen, Brown, Tilson, and Bezan.

Mark Warawa, champion of bullied fetuses, not among them.

I know. You're shocked.

UPDATE: Courtesy of Radical Centrist, here is the division. Note Warawa among the NAYS, not conveeeniently absent.


Anonymous said...

Never mind, Harper's E.I.-Nazi's banging on Canadians doors. Just trying to catch all those abusers on E.I. Meanwhile. 300 BC miners applied for the 200 BC mining jobs, which Harper and Christy gave to Communist China. Same deal at the tar sands.

Harper had better start with himself and his so called Conservatives, being the worst bullies, liars, deceivers of corruption, in the recorded history of this Nation. We can also include his favorite henchmen, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Then, all of Harper's degenerates he hired, should also be included as liars and bullies.

Harper has no, ethics, morals, decency nor a decent Democratic bone in the, ugly make-up of his character.

Sixth Estate said...

Of course. Anyone who's more than a few minutes old needs to just man up and take it. It's only fetuses who are in danger of "legitimate" bullying, aka "bullying bullying." Older children have ways to just shut that whole thing down.

Other Stone Age nonsense available at a conservative constituency office near you!

thwap said...

Up there with David Sweet and John Baird saying "It gets better."

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