Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Condemn, Then Defund

In this tweet, the agenda behind Warawa's Wank, aka Motion 408, a private member's bill to keep the abortion issue on the bubble, is revealed.

Condemn, then defund.

The Australian legislator sounds about as dim as our own Fetus Lobby®.
THE Democratic Labor Party senator John Madigan will introduce on Wednesday a private members' bill seeking to remove Medicare funding for abortions ''procured on the basis of gender selection''.

Senator Madigan, who could hold a balance of power vote in the Senate after the September election, said he would ''seek support from other politicians who are on the record as being pro-life''.

He said he had ''seen data that abortion on the basis of gender selection is happening overseas and that means it is likely to be happening here'' although he conceded it was ''difficult to get Australian data'' on the issue.
Doesn't know if it is happening, but it's 'likely'. So let's be prepared and defund it now.

How, exactly, abortions could be defunded for one reason and not for others is of course not spelled out.

That revealing tweet is from Jack Fonseca, who describes himself as 'Pro-life activist, Project Manager at Campaign Life Coalition, political observer'.

And yes, it is Campaign Life Coalition behind the Defund Abortion Rally, now scheduled for maximum Catholic school kid participation on Tuesday, March 19.

Count on it. If the meaningless motion passes, bleating about 'Canadians want us to ACT on this' will commence.


Sixth Estate said...

I'm confused not by the principle behind this (I get it, repugnant as it is), but by the practicality of it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You can't have an abortion if it's for sex-selection reasons.

We will, however, fund an abortion for you if you give us a different reason."

fern hill said...

Precisemente. Totally unworkable.

This is, as usual, pure pointless grandstanding.

Other than the fundraising part, of course.

deBeauxOs said...

It's one tactic - the thin wedge - in the Fetus Lobby's campaign to make abortion incrementally less accessible and eventually, criminal.

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