Saturday, 17 November 2012

Support for Unrestricted Abortion Skyrocketing

Oh dear. That old bugaboo, unintended consequences, is biting back big time.

In both Canada and the US, classic overreach on the abortion issue is creating a 'backlash among moderates'.

Here in Canada, support for unrestricted abortion is skyrocketing

The question asked on October 27: Should abortion be legal in all circumstances, should it be legal in some circumstances or should it be illegal in all circumstances?
A Forum Research poll for the National Post recently asked 1,735 randomly selected Canadians 18 years of age or older when abortion should be legal.

A full 60% of Canadians said always.

That’s surprisingly high. Even more surprising: That number’s skyrocketed in recent months. In a similar Forum poll conducted last February, only 51% of Canadians took that position.
Leap of 9 points in 8 months. Woo.

Pundits speculate that the cause may be the attempted reopening of the abortion debate -- that nobody wants -- by wannabe allegorist Stephen Woodworth.

Perhaps amplified by moronic musings on rape and magic lady parts by USian ReThuglican candidates.

In the US, a poll taken after the election shows solid majority support for abortion rights.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows that 54% describe themselves as pro-choice on the issue of abortion, while 38% say they are pro-life.
Note that both these surveys were taken before the public learned of the death-by-religion of Savita Halappanavar in Ireland.

Wonder what the next polls will show. . .

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, and this is why the anti-choicers aka woman haters are trying SO hard to do damage control:

1) oh, dying for your child is the most wonderful and beautiful thing (in other words, if you don't die for your embryo, you're a terrible woman and have no morals)

2) well, the woman was unhygienic, that's why she died, don't blame the doctors or the church!!

Most of all, I am appalled by the people who think it is completely reasonable to sacrifice women to forced pregnancy simply to give an embryo the chance to develop.

The rights of the fertilized egg (from the pro-woman-hating perspective) to develop into a human being are more important than the rights of a pregnant woman TO NOT DIE.

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