Saturday 17 November 2012

Happy Birthday to Us!

Unbelievably, DAMMIT JANET! turns four years old today.

Here are the two launch announcements.

At one, we had some confessions to make.

By two, we were getting a bit blasé.

At our third b-day party, we were showing some leg(s). (Ok, not really.)

For me, the most notable bloggy event of our past year was the bust-up with ProgBlogs and the subsequent creation of Canadian Progressive Voices (for which DJ! claims no credit atallatall).

I hafta say though how pleased I am at how DJ! has evolved. We have collected such interesting monsters writers and commenters.

ADDED: From the comments, Beijing York's gift.


Pseudz said...

Thanks DJ and Fern . . . I'd not seen the " . . .interesting monster" bit before. Happy Anniversary!

And speaking of monsters . . . how about the harperCons' taste for voter fraud? They keep hoping that we'll fuggedda bowddit. It appears that Elections Canada rather wishes that we would as well.

fern hill said...

Really? You'd never seen that before? Your pals have sadly failed you. ;-)

Beijing York said...

Happy DJ Birthday!!!

Rob F said...

Happy birthday, DJ.

deBeauxOs said...

heh. You beat me to the post, this year.

This is a pretty kewl club house we built here, fern hill.

Anonymous said...



Annabelle from the Belle Jar whose stupid computer won't let her post comments properly

the regina mom said...

Happy-happy, DJ! I am so grateful for your diligence on following and reporting with humour what those scathingly wrong rightwing nutz are doing!

And fern, if you still haven't seen Rocky Horror Picture Show, then we're the only two on the planet who haven't I'm sure!

JJ said...

Late to the birthday party, but happy b-day and many more shit-disturbing ones to come!

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