Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Um, Woody, About That 'Preoccupation'. . .

Woody is still wanking.
"Woodworth Says Opponents of M312 Must Give Up Single-Minded Preoccupation with Abortion"

That's the headline about Motion 312 that should have been applied to every commentary.
He then goes on to whine about the 'preoccupation with abortion' that he thinks killed his motion and in the process uses the word 'abortion' eighteen times.

Here's a sample:
Support a study about how best in Canada to honour the principle that human rights must be extended to every human being? No, our preoccupation with abortion tells us that studying how best to recognize the equal and inherent worth and dignity of every human being would be "the first step on a slippery slope," one said.

That last sentiment is more worthy of a bloodthirsty, fascist regime than of the democracy most of us would like Canada to be.

Project much, Woody?

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Sixth Estate said...

"a bloodthirsty, fascist regime."

Oh, we're back to that again.

Honestly, this "discussion" is a bit of a broken record, isn't it?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Fascist Regime, eh?

Anonymous said...

Made me think of Preston Manning and his "love that word Refoooooooooorm"

Woody - love that word abooooooooortion

I have to say, I am SO bloody sick of these people and their obsession with controlling bodies not their own. Our bloody world is rapidly going to shit in a handbag and they are freaking out about whether some poor woman takes a pregnancy to term.

If they want conrol something that badly, then they should direct their efforts where they would actually do some good. How about imposing crippling tax burdens for industries that contribute to climate change and tax holidays for industries that provide affordable truly green (for lack of a better term) alternatives. I know, I'm living in la la land, but I've about had it with this crap and I'm tired of feeling helpless, dammit.


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