Monday, 1 October 2012

Stinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy

It was in late May of 2011, at an event organized by the Ottawa Citizen, that I first saw Stephen Taylor in person.

I'd heard about him and even written about him; he was the self-aggrandizing co-founder of an aggregator that gathered a shrieking blob of venomously partisan, unabashedly venal and obdurately ill-informed bloggers under the deceptively benign label "Blogging Tories".  Taylor was also a beneficiary of wingnut welfare, in the guise of funding that allowed him to attend the Manning Institute for the Suppression Study of Democracy.

Fresh from feasting upon the remains of a recent kill, Taylor preened and posed in the manner of a political operative, an up-and-coming jackal rising to the top of his pack.

Ensconced in the comfortable appointment that CPC patronage bestowed upon him, he glistened from all the admiring licks that sycophants administered.

He blocked me on Twitter months ago; I can only catch glimpses of his malevolence when he interacts with accounts that I follow.

I've recently captured some of his disingenuous and mean-spirited utterances which are representative of the quotidian meretriciousness from religious fundamentalists, neocon dissemblers and unreformed reformers that scurry about and jostle for advancement within the ranks of the CPC.

Hyena snarls and furtive nips are delivered to those identified by the former Canadian Reform Alliance Party as unlikely to vote for them.

Such target - young, educated, female, muslim - provides easy trolling opportunities for one of PMSHithead's Politburo Attack Parrots. Remember, Taylor openly dismissed Irwin Cotler's concerns and those of the LPC when a CON polling company tried to plant rumours that he was resigning his seat.

When those tactics were exposed, Taylor had no smug response to offer.

Added: Unbelievably, Rob Anders woke up and spoke; his CONspiracy accusations temporarily eclipsed Taylor's odiousness.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has watched the Clark, Mulroney and Harper parties, I\d argue that anyone who trusts Blogging "Tories" to be loyal to conservative ideals instead of the Tory party has misplaced loyalties...

I'm not a Tory and probably never will be. Thank God.

thwap said...

Why did you cross out "suppression" and put "study"?

Anyhooo, ... it looks like Taylor's gotten worse over the years. Hard to avoid, since he's a scuzzy person who has now immersed himself full-time in the land of scuzz and sleaze and moral perversion.

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