Sunday, 21 October 2012

Best stocking stuffer evah!

Behold the Stephen Harper wood dildo.

Available here.

Another kind of PMSHithead gift item, here.


Jymn said...

What an insult to dildos everywhere!

Anonymous said...

It's for Baird, Kenney, Paradis and Clement.

Godel Noodle said...

This is great and all, but don't we really need something more like an M-312 butt plug?

deBeauxOs said...

At the risk of sounding politically correct or perhaps INcorrect, wouldn't that be offensive to butt plugs?

Godel Noodle said...

I'm not particularly concerned with offending them (although if any contact me demanding an apology, I'll certainly... um... Wait a minute... I', no, that's too contrived... Argh, screw it. I never did get the hang of puns.)

Anyway, the idea is that M-312 seems to be just made especially for them. There would be no need to provide instructions to accompany motions (or should that be "movements") like M-312. It would be a self-explanatory gift for people like Woodworth.

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