Thursday, 25 October 2012

About those 'peaceful' anti-choice protesters. . .

Now that the MSM has twigged to the Jubilee Jailbirds, some sensible stuff is appearing. Here's Colby Cosh calling BS on the 'civil disobedience' claim by serial convicted clinic harasser and bully, Mary Wagner.

Because, you know, going where you're not wanted, upsetting people, and getting into a 'tussle' is totally like Martin Luther King or Gandhi or Jesus or something.

Look what just happened yesterday in Oregon.
Tolhurst, who gave his address as a motel, had been protesting by himself since June outside the health center. He came and went on a bicycle, with his signs in a duffel bag, said Myrna Shaneyfelt of Josephine County Right to Life, who sometimes stopped by to encourage him and warn that he was vulnerable protesting alone.
Josephine County is a real nice place for abortion clinic harassment/bullying.
Settled during the Gold Rush, politically conservative Grants Pass has a long history of anti-abortion activism. Josephine County Right To Life holds an annual parade, and the city is the hometown of Rachelle "Shelley" Shannon*, convicted of firebombing abortion clinics and the 1993 shooting of a doctor in Kansas who provided abortions. She is serving an 11-year term in federal prison.
What actually happened is in dispute. It seems a young woman was going into the clinic -- where abortions are NOT performed by the way -- and took exception to the loser's signs. She kicked one over.

Then he pushed her. She left and came back with her father who pushed the guy back and punched him in the face. The guy had a knife and stabbed dad 'several times'.

Dad had emergency surgery and is in stable condition. Daughter has cuts on her hand. Nutbar had bruises on his face.

Police are investigating various claims of self-defense.

Or maybe 'civil disobedience' was the cause of the stab wounds.

Cosh is generous to the fetus fetishists, noting that a majority of them are probably not deranged losers, who may or may not be armed.

But enough of them certainly are deranged losers with a fetish not only for fetuses but for violence.

And today on twitter, another lovely example of the double fetish.
All abortion clinics should have bubble zones around them. About a mile in diameter should do it.

*We remember Shelley Shannon, don't we? She shot Dr George Tiller in both arms in 1993. Roeder just finished the job.

**Both Roeder and Hill assassinated abortion providers.

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JeninCanada said...

I fucking hate Jim "James" Jordan. He's one of the absolute worst antichoice voices on Twitter. Hes' condescending, ignorant, and infuriating.

As for the civil disobedience part of things, fuck those people. I can't stand their sanctimonious signs and potential for violence.

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