Friday, 6 July 2012

Open Letter to Pro- and Anti-M312 MPs

I've been having stupid conversations on Twitter about Woodworth's Wank, aka Motion 312.

I've been asking for days now 'which expert witnesses would pro M312 people like MPs to hear from?'

No takers, unsurprisingly.

Just now in a spat about 'bias' in science and 'irrelevant scientific facts', I asked who then would decide which facts were relevant. MPs?

Like Maurice Vellacott?

Got this answer.

I'm trying to correct the dunderhead about 'all Canadians' not being qualified experts in the 'modern' science Woodwank is supposedly trying to bring to bear.

We know how successful that will be. . .

And now we come to the Open Letters part.

Dear MPs who would like to debate when women's rights become abrogated for those of the fetus:

Do some homework over the summer. Come prepared with names of experts you would like to hear from.

Such lists wouldn't be binding of course, just examples.

We at DJ! will help. Do NOT choose experts from these BAD (biased, agenda-driven) Science outfits or your whole 'this has NOTHING to do with abortion' meme will be revealed for the BS it is.

You're welcome.

Dear MPs who see this ploy as a total waste of time intended solely to reopen the settled matter of abortion:

Please acquaint yourselves with the above practitioners of BAD Science to better howl down the fetus fetishists.

You're welcome too.


Beijing York said...

Sorry to hear about your busted knee, fern. Hope it heals quickly and completely.

Don't forget our favourite bio-ethicist Margaret Somerville!

fern hill said...

Thanks, BY. I go to Fracture Clinic next week to find out if I've permanently fucked it up or what.

And you betcha, Mme Somerville is polishing up her pearls as we speak. I should get to work on compiling a dossier of her bonnier mots.

Beijing York said...

Oh yes, her penetrating boner mots.

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