Thursday, 5 July 2012

Anti-choice LGBT: Who Knew?

On Twitter, Kady O'Malley wondered about Julian Fantino and some bother he might have once been in over abortion. I googled and came up with his Campaign Life profile.

CLC rating: Evaluation pending
Rating Comments: Fantino did not answer CLC's questionnaire despite several requests. It is also notabe [sic] that as police commissioner he gleefully marched in the homosexual Pride parade.
To which Kady replied:
True, but there is a pro-gay pro-life contingent.
When I expressed scepticism, she said:
I can think of a few who I know personally, and I always assumed they weren't the only ones in the entire world.
Then she supplied this link to the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL). (PLAGAL sounds like an ointment for an uncomfortable ailment.)

Click on that link and tell me any fabulous gay or lesbian had aught to do with the site design.

While the site is not only butt-ugly, it seems somewhat out of date. The group hasn't put out a newsletter since 2009, for example.

Its about page claims to have membership of 800 individuals and cites some activities.
We have sponsored forums on abortion and breast cancer — anticipating more general public recognition of the highly probable link — and preventing HIV infection in the children of HIV+ mothers. We have participated in the annual January 22nd March for Life since 1991, local Pride events in DC, Philadelphia, and Boston, the 1993 March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Equal Rights, and a number of demonstrations and counterdemonstrations. We have surprised, confounded, confronted, and enraged both pro-lifers and pro-choicers.
I bet. I wonder how welcome they are among the fetus fetishists.

Its blog is more up to date.

And it has a page at ProLifeBook. With 9 likes!

It would be fun to see a Venn diagram of fetus fetishists and gays and lesbians. (Hint to graphics whizzes.)

Do we have anti-choice LGBT organizations in Canada? Inquiring minds. . .

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deBeauxOs said...

Ugh. As I said in my tweet, it looks and smells like an astroturf website to me.

Last updated in January 2010.

Simon said...

hi fern...I've never heard of that group, they certainly didn't march in the Pride Parade this year.
And I can't ever remember them or any other an anti-choice group marching in any Pride parade I've attended, because I would remember eh? I would have hit them with both barrels of my Super Soaker, and I've never had that pleasure... :)

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