Monday, 9 July 2012

On the *healthy* priapism of privileged androcentrism

Erotizing and fetishizing the dehumanization of women is a necessary instrument required by any form of social conditioning that reinforces a man's *right* to an erection - and his *right* to breed.

Mark Steyn proclaimed here that gendered sexual terrorism was the exclusive domain of one belief system; Robin Morgan proposed in "The Demon Lover" that all three Abrahamic religious traditions are responsible for promoting such ideals.

There is this, my emphasis.
During a brief telephone call Wednesday at the detachment, Brown declined to comment about the pictures and the "Kilted Knight" persona featured in them.

He acknowledged being aware of the material.

"I am familiar with an internal investigation that was conducted," Brown said tersely. "It concluded in March or April and it was decided it was a non-issue - There was no victim."

Lawyer Jason Gratl was astounded by the images and said Brown's even peripheral involvement in the missing women investigation was troubling.

Gratl, who represented Down-town Eastside community groups at the public inquiry into the Pickton police investigation, wondered why Commissioner Wally Oppal wasn't informed when he was conducting hearings at the very moment the RCMP learned of the material.

"This pictorial enactment of a kidnapping and torture by an RCMP investigator crystallizes the ethical nexus between the detachment and the farm," Gratl said.

Victim: A person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action.

Then there's the "innocent" victim, a distinction which implies a person had no control, influence or role with regard to the event that caused them harm or injury.

I loathe how the use of the term victim has been co-opted by the aggressors, the predators and the bullies.

BlobBloggingWingnut recently wrote a more bizarre than usual post that was consistent with HER religious zealot approach to blaming and shaming victims. SHE declared "You had it coming!" is an appropriate response to any circumstance where the victim might have somehow contributed to the negative outcome.

"They had it coming!" is the implicit subtext to the expensive theatrical production recently staged by the BC government - The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry - which was directed by its lead performer Wally Oppal.

There was little, if any evidence allowed to counter the dominant view that the women who were savagely murdered by Willy Pickton, and by other alleged participants involved with the activities at the pig farm, "had it coming".

Requests to secure all relevant information were stonewalled, again and again.

A. Cameron Ward, the lawyer who valiantly tried to advocate for the Missing Women's families, blogged here about his ongoing efforts to monitor the proceedings, and to intervene effectively.

As I stated in the comment thread after this post, it seems to me much of the bloviating about Cpl Brown's gawd-given right to damn well get an erection in whatever way he wants, circumvents questions relevant to his professional deportment.

Nobody has said Brown would actually mutilate and murder a woman in the name of his liberté d'érection, but that possibility evidently stimulates his libido. As it would for many men who avidly devour p0rn0graphy that features the continued debasement of women and the depiction of violence exerted against their humanity, in every conceivable way.

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Kayvee1000 said...

This is a deeply disturbing, and yet very perceptive insight into the mentality that seems to have permeated itself within both our police departments and military - ie., (former Col. Russell Williams). I recently found out that in-depth psych evaluations are not performed in either sector.

Equally, if not more disturbing is the political climate of the Evangelical Right, that has now contaminated Canada, which not only perpetuates, but endorses these attacks on women ie., M312. Women's rights are slowly and without question being eroded under such androcentric and patriarchal **leadership** which can't do anything but further affirm this sense of 'control' over women. Even more mind-boggling is there are 'real women' that promulgate and endorse this male centered attitude.

It would appear women have another fight on there hands. My hope is young women today will reclaim the title 'feminist' with pride and understanding that it literally means 'equality of rights', in order to battle this overly represented and disturbingly re-emerging and ugly patriarchal white male 'ol boys club bull-shit.

I believe women of my generation (the second wave) became complacent, and felt the battle was already won. As a result, our daughters, now the third wave have grown up with a sense of entitlement, without realizing the rights they have become accustomed to had been hard fought for by both the first and second wave generations of women. Therefore, they do not want to associate with what they deem as a 'stigma' with the title of 'feminist'.

My hope is all generations of women will realize the fight is definitely back on and that we need to stand-up and declare these attacks, whether it be on violence against women and women's rights that as women we will not tolerate such behaviour period; and especially in positions of power, whether it be our police, military and especially our politicians. Which all these positions beg to have extensive psychiatric evaluations performed before allowed to proceed any further.

Very insightful article which forced me to realize...yes this mentality is getting worse, not better and it is up to all of us to fight back - AGAIN!

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