Monday, 9 July 2012

Bad Science Watch

While we here at DJ! are not scientists, we try to track down and expose BAD (biased, agenda-driven) Science, especially in the area of reproductive rights.

Today, great news! Real scientists are organizing to promote good science at a time when science, rationality, and evidence-based policy making are pretty much at war with the ignoramuses running this country.

Meet Bad Science Watch. Here's their press release:
Toronto, ON – Monday, July 9th, 2012 – Bad Science Watch, a new Canadian science advocacy group, has issued a challenge to the Canadian government: stick to the science in the development and implementation of important policy decisions. This group will work diligently to ensure Canadians are protected from exploitation by unscrupulous organizations peddling useless and potentially harmful products and services.

Bad Science Watch strives to serve as a key Canadian lobbying organisation, dedicated to challenging lax consumer protection measures and fighting for the rights of Canadians to accurate information when making decisions which affect their health, prosperity and well-being.

“The Canadian public has been poorly-served by a government which displays little respect for objectivity and science”, said Bad Science Watch Executive Director, Jamie Williams. “Consequently, weak consumer protection regulations allow the sale of products and services that don’t work, and Canadians are exploited by the unscrupulous or misinformed.”

Bad Science Watch will announce details of its first projects in the coming weeks. Among them: targeting bogus food-intolerance testing in Canadian drugstores, and an intensive investigation into the state of the Canadian anti-WiFi lobby.

“Bad Science Watch will fill a unique role as the only national organization in Canada with a focus on strengthening consumer protection against bad science,” explained Chair of the Board of Directors, Michael Kruse. “With a strong commitment to the most professional and transparent non-profit practices, our experienced Board of Directors, Steering Committee, and Executive are striving to create the most effective and consistently successful force countering bad science in Canada.”

Canadians interested in volunteering and donating to Bad Science Watch can find more information at
If Woodworth's Wank, aka M312, passes, we'll need all the voices of sanity and reason we can round up.


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Kayvee1000 said...

I am so thrilled to see this organization Bad Science Watch setup, and it's going up to be up to all of us to support them. I think we all know this government will do everything in its power to make it a rough ride for them, like they have done to all our Canadian 'creme de la creme Scientists'.

What a sad statement on this Reform (cpc) Government; not only from an individual and national perspective, but from an international lens. We have already had UN denounce Canada at least twice in 2012. Next, will it be Human Rights Watch? Hmmm... I wonder if Canada refusing to offer basic and essential medical treatment, like insulin for Canadian Immigrant Refugees qualifies.

I believe I now have at least a taste of what 're-colonization' is about - by such a Pious, oppressive and regressive Government. Hope we get it right in 2015. Until then, thrilled to know we have Bad Science Watch. With such corrupt government policies and motions - they have their hands full.

Thanks Fern for bringing this wonderful group to the public light.

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