Tuesday 3 July 2012

LOST: One FetusMobile

Everyone wants to know. What the heck happened with the Fetusmobile Gore Tour's Grand Finale?

They had Big Plans (bold in original).
After crossing the country to Toronto, the New Abortion Caravan will end in Ottawa, where politicians and the public will be forced to face the shattered bodies of Canadian children they have failed so badly.

It will be a Canada Day to remember.

Not all Canadians are recognized as the intrinsically valuable human beings that they are. We cannot—we will not—rest until the pre-born are acknowledged as having the same right to life as the born. Using historical precedent while exposing an undeniable injustice, the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform's New Abortion Caravan will save lives.

It will force Canadians to reconsider the value of the pre-born child, launching abortion into the media while rallying and uniting the pro-life faithful.

We will EndtheKilling, and we will end it in our lifetime.
That's a lotta 'forcing', innit?

Here's a press release.
The group's schedule is as follows:
Saturday, June 30, 2pm: Special delivery to 24 Sussex Drive
Sunday, July 1, 11am-5pm: Abortion signs in front of Parliament Hill
Monday, July 2, 7:30pm: Public presentation, Greenbelt Baptist Church, 839 Shefford Rd, Ottawa
But LifeShite reports:
On Sunday July 1, the group of 25 activists, with an average age of 24, were demonstrating with their large graphic signs near Parliament Hill. Thereafter they hand-delivered postcards bearing graphic images directly to homes across the city. The city’s highways were also treated to the images courtesy of the group’s roaming truck.
Not 'in front of' Parliament Hill. 'Near' Parliament Hill. OK, then.

Mrozek and Dr Dawg attended the evening church event. Mrozek's bit has more about the protesters than the Gore Tour and Dr Dawg confirms that the Fetusmobile did NOT make an appearance at the finale.

So where is the truck? (And was there only one? Some 'caravan'.) Where's the crowing about success? Where's the forcing now, hmmm?

On Twitter, JJ asked about the truck and, being something of a backyard mechanic, offered to have a look at it if it had broken down.

But we think she's got it right with this.

Yep. It'll be a long trip back to Hicksville.

Just like Woodworth's Wank (M312), this genius notion was a MASSIVE waste of time and money.

Added by deBeauxOs. I follow @vickyatclc who tweeted live from the event; she posted some great photos, such as this one.

I walked around the downtown core, near the Byward Market on July 1st and I didn't see the Whingebago. Very few families groups heading for the Hill. Perhaps word got out about the graphic images being forced on the public, and people not being allowed onto our Parliament grounds by Harper's security goons.

BONUS: JJ helps in the search.


Kayvee1000 said...

I can also concur with Dr. Dawg & Mrozek, they did not show up to protest, along with their Horror Show MacVans. What a disappointment :( We had heard the trucks had been spotted up on Walkley around 7:30, our anticipation awakened, but ultimately diminished! Based upon their press release, which you have kindly posted above, we even arrived early at 6:30 pm so they wouldn't feel so alone when they arrived; again, to no avail.

So instead, they arrived in their cars or tried quietly to walk-in, however, they were always spotted. But what happened?? They called a protest and they didn’t come! They snuck into their church and hid there. When I think about this, I am in disbelief. Who calls for a great finale protest, and cowers within their church walls. We were a peaceful bunch, what were they so afraid of?

Instead they had their 'guards' video us from beginning to end - hope they obtain permission first for publication:) Not quite sure who called the police, but they were great - Kudos to them!! At one point a man with his picture of a ‘fully grown baby’ in fetal position encompassed with Pro-Life sentiment, holding it out of his sun-roof, was told by police to put sign down, as distracted driving is a an chargeable offense in Ontario, truly an LoL:) moment.

And finally, I would like to officially denounce this Prolife group, and will continue to do so for using the ‘Original Abortion Caravan’ name. The ‘true’ original caravan was filled with very brave women in 1970, marching from Vancouver to Ottawa with dignity in the fight for women’s Human Rights and Autonomy over their own bodies. This polluted ‘Horror Story’ bannering itself under the same name failed profoundly, and doesn’t even hold a ‘candle‘ to the original and true Abortion Caravan. They demonstrated their cowardly ways by not engaging in a peaceful protest that they called for; why, because they had opposition? and last, but certainly not least, their ‘Horror Story’ tactics displays anything but dignity. No-wonder they had to hide their vans with big sheets while parked!

Anonymous said...

So much for the circus coming to town...

Too bad - so sad...sucks to be a fetus fetushist...


Robert Cannaday said...

Not all "pre-born" will ever become "born", but all of these protesters are "pre-dead" and will definitely all die. I suggest we protect them now by extending all protection afforded to the dead by the government by either probating their will immediately or just plainly distributing their estate among their "pre-survivors". Those "pre-survivors" are, of course, also "pre-dead", so eventually we would reach the point where there are no "non-pre-dead" people left to inherit any assets, allowing the government to seize their estates and battle it out in the courts.

Come to think of it, we're all pre-dementia so we should all grant power of attorney to...

I get it now. By trying to infuse a made up term with meaning, what the pre-supporters of abortion rights mean is that there are no protections for anyone against anything unless there's complete protection for everyone against everything! Or is that pre-anyone and pre-everyone...

Wait, what?

choice joyce said...

Haha thanks Robert! The stupid illogic of their terms needs to be pointed out more often.

And thanks Kayvee for the valuable eyewitness report. The whole crapavan was pathetic, from its farcical self-important beginning with the Canucks opera singer, to its whimpering cowering end. If I may quote myself from this press release (http://naccyyc.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/for-immediate-release/):

"Arthur predicted the anti-choice tour will fall flat and soon be forgotten. 'There’s no comparison between a group of brave and revolutionary women who succeeded in bringing serious national attention to women’s rights in 1970, and a group of fanatics trying to leach off their accomplishments in an attempt to turn back the clock on women’s rights.'”

Don't forget to follow the recaps of the actual game-changing Abortion Caravan on ARCC's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AbortionRights?sk=wall

JJ said...

Yes, they're on their way home now, leaving behind hearts & minds hardened against them even further, hanging their chocolate milk-soaked heads in shame & weeping openly at the EPIC FAIL of the Tour de Fetus.

I was kind of hoping one (or both) of the fetusmobiles had broken down, and some quick-thinking passerby would snap a pic of them being towed away & post it to twitter. It would have been such an iconic image.

fern hill said...

Good call, Joyce.

fern hill said...

Love Tour de Fetus!

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