Saturday, 2 June 2012

Vancouver Canucks on Board with Gore Tour?

Oh dear. Seems like someone closely associated with another NHL team has stepped in the fetushist cowpie.
Mark Donnelly is an opera singer based out of Vancouver, but he's perhaps best-known as the Canadian anthem singer at Vancouver Canucks games. The tenor has been leading the Rogers Arena crowd in his stirring renditions of "O Canada" for years, and he's become a recognizable local figure for it. He's very closely linked to the team, listed on the Canucks' website under Game Entertaiment Performers and often touted as "Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly" in commercials and at other Vancouver events.

That in mind, one has to wonder how the team feels that their noted anthem singer has also decided to become closely associated with the New Abortion Caravan, a group of trucks with 7-foot tall and 22-foot long billboards adorned with graphic abortion imagery that will be driving across Canada beginning this week.

On Tuesday, he sang the anthem at their launch on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Yup. There is he is. Nice images for a family-friendly sports franchise eh?

This is what he had to say before he sang:
"I'd just like to say. There's a lot of Canadians, both born and unborn, and this is for all of us, for everyone out here too and all of Canada.
Remember if we can't discuss things rationally, then we're not Canadians, we have to be able to talk."
Doesn't sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer, does he?

But trading on his local celebrity to help launch an anti-abortion campaign in Crunchy Granola Land?

Not cool.

Here's the Gore Gang he's now associated with. These are the people also behind the 'Genocide Awareness Project', which regularly causes ruckuses on university campuses. And of course, there's the infamous postcard campaign that mightily pissed off Calgarians last March.

Now, DJ!'s sports fans will remember the spot of bother the Ottawa Senators found themselves in when their 'Better Halves' (that would be wives and girlfriends) decided to play footsie with a lying Xian forced crisis pregnancy centre*.

So. How's this little stunt going over with fetishists?

SUZY thinks it will open a whole new market to the Message.
The New Abortion Caravan Makes the...Sports Page?

The guy who sings O Canada at the Vancouver Canucks' Game sang the anthem at the launch of the New Abortion Caravan. Yahoo Sports covered it.

Way to go Abortion Caravan. People who were never exposed to abortion issue were not made aware of it. Thumbs up.
(Um, I think SUZY's got an extra 'not' in there? Or is SHE being subtle?)

How about the fans?

Oh dear again.

That would be the team's official Twitter account @VanCanucks.

In related news, you gotta follow @FetusCaravan, the blow-by-blow of the Gore Tour from inside the bus, so to speak. Hmm, the account seems to have undergone a staffing change. Related to this perhaps?

Rest assured that DJ! will be following this.

*More on the Vicious Abortion Crusaders Crusade against the Ottawa Senators can be found here.


Dr.Dawg said...

As someone who participated in the first Abortion Caravan in 1970, which was defiantly pro-choice ("We Are Furious - Women" was one of the better slogans, appealing to cinephiles), I wish the organizers had copyrighted the name.

Sick-making to see this parodic reversal by fetushizers who weren't even born then, and have no idea just how dreadful things were for Canadian women at the time, many still forced into backalleys despite Trudeau's "liberal" abortion law of 1968.

Anonymous said...

The NHL's chokiest hockey team chose this wingnut to be their anthem-mascot? Nice.

Wonder how many Canadian women would chose to crank out nine kids with this butt ugly pontificating loser? Not too many.

And what's with the troop of subservient Robert Palmer-esque back up cheerleaders? Fetuses as pom-poms. How do you even begin to debate these whackos?


choice joyce said...

Yes, let's not ever call this sacrilege by that sacred word they're shamelessly exploiting. I can't bear it. 'Fetusmobile' is good and already has a nice pedigree but also how about 'Fetus Crapavan' or 'New Abortion Crapavan'.

Niles said...

Fetus Whingebago.

deBeauxOs said...

Bwahahaha! We have a WINNAH!

choice joyce said...

Yes,I concede lol. Good one Niles!

Pseudz said...

The venue?
Location, location, for the dimwit locution. Was the Art Gallery a party to this party? Or was pro-life trespassing art.

There hadda be a venue choice made and signed off. I wonder what venue was their first choice. Church? naaa. State? (City Hall) hmmmm. How many requests did they hafta go through?

deBeauxOs said...

It was held outside, on the steps but on property that belongs to the VAG - a trendy, bien en vue location selected for media events.

A craven attempt to catch the *yout'* attention? FAIL

H7N9 Watch said...

I'm really trying to wrap my head around this statement from Suzy:

"People who were never exposed to abortion issue were not made aware of it."

Uh... what?

And which people, exactly, have never heard of abortion before? I'd like to meet them.

Niles said...

SE, I think she's keying on the 'graphic photos' "Genocide Awareness" etc the CCBR are pushing. IE: people haven't seen the 'truth' of the surgery, only heard about it. They're clinging to the idea they can exploit the instinctive *evolved* ability of people to look on something 'injured', bloodied, etc. and have neurons fire in their own brains in a sympathetic response.

If the photos showed the 'remains' in true scale to a person rather than these intense close-ups photoshopped to LIVID colour (that always reminds me of bad photos for chinese food place menus) the pictures would have even less impact than they do now. Without the illusion of a baby-sized fetus being murdered by heartless sluts and their enablers, they got nuthin'.

I have one personal peeve. They're also counting on rampant ignorance of biology among the majority of their 'audience'. It's so futtering insulting.

I'm curious as to why they think doing the same thing they've been doing for years is going to gain them new ground. The insanity south of the border? They seem very slaved to their American authoritarian leaders.

Is it like the attitude towards 'free market' conservatism where the ideology can't fail the believers, only the believers can fail the ideology because they weren't ideological enough? This time it will work, *really*.

Godel Noodle said...

They're also counting on rampant ignorance of biology among the majority of their 'audience'.

Which biological facts are they glossing over? Just to be clear, I don't find this remotely surprising (they sure do it like gangbusters with Evolution!). I just can't recall seeing them do it in this context.

Mind you, I haven't spent much time subjecting myself to their foetus porn so it's also not too surprising that I missed it.

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