Saturday, 23 June 2012

Gore and Death Fetishists

Huh. The brouhaha -- I'm not going to elevate this idiocy to 'debate' -- around Woodworth's Wank has not been a total waste of time. I have learned two things. Well, one thing has been reinforced, but the other is new to me.

First, the primitive mindset of the fetish fetishists is revealed yet again by their belief in the magic of the holy/bloody image. Remember ultrasound jesus?

This kinda stuff really floats their little mental boats, as exemplified by the reincarnation (snerk) of the Fetusmobile, or Whingebago, as Niles styles it.

Here's SUZYALLCAPS, also known as SHE Who Redirects Links to HER Blog to Holy Fetal Pr0n, on Choice Chain, part of the current Gore Tour. (I'm using a hyperlink to see if SHE can resist her usual juvenile redirect, and, in so doing, proving my point.)
This is why Choice Chain is powerful. Feminists can argue that abortions don't look like this. But their argument is pretty damned weak if they won't show what a dismembered embryo or fetus looks like.There is one picture of an abortion on the internet that shows more non-embryonic tissue than anything else. But if the feminists do not counter with a substantially different picture that compares apples to apples, i.e. dismembered fetuses to dismembered fetuses, they're being misleading themselves.

That's why abortion pics can and do change opinions. I'm not saying they're a magic bullet. But they're one weapon in the pro-life arsenal. And that they're the reason why many people have changed their minds.
There SHE goes lying again. SHE really does believe in the magic. But then SHE believes in bleeding icons, drinking blood, and eating flesh of fairies.

So, by HER lights, feminists fail the 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' competition, ergo fetus fetishists WIN!

Except, er, actually the feminists already WON this one.

But whatever. . .

The other thing is new. Fetus fetishists actually believe that Culture of Death malarkey. It's not just a handy label. They actually believe that women who seek abortions actively, passionately WANT a dead fetus. They want to KILLKILLKILLKILL it.


'Bodily autonomy' is just some lame excuse to KILLKILLKILL.

Just who is obsessed with gore and death here, hm?

And they call us sick.


Sixth Estate said...

I'm sorry to have to invoke Poe's law here, but I have to ask: is that picture of "Jesus in the womb" real, or a parody?

It's so hard to tell without context.

fern hill said...

Silly Sixth Estate. Of course it's real. There was, along with the angel Whosis, an apparition of the Holy Ultrasound Machine (HUM), which got an image/icon of the godling in utero.

Ye of little faith. . .

Beijing York said...

Every time I crack an egg and a little red filament floats in the yolk, I think of SUZYALLCAPS and cry... tears of laughter. What's more, I don't even bother removing that filament like I do with pieces of cracked shell.

Anyway, I guess I'm one of those evil pro-aborts that loves eating chicken embryos.

Godel Noodle said...

That first tweet is truly fascinating and bizarre. I really hadn't expected that at all. Does anyone have any idea what thought process (to use the term loosely) brought her to that conclusion?

I was under the impression that most of her ilk believed that the primary goal WAS to not be pregnant, and that women (sorry..."sluts," I guess is the word they use) are cheerfully having abortions because they're too lazy to bother with birth control and obviously too hedonistic to approach sex as an activity strictly reserved for procreation (the way their imaginary friend told them it should be).

I've never seen one of them adopt the position that women get abortions to satisfy bloodlust! That's a new one on me.

Follow-up question: does SUZYALLCAPS think women originally set out to get pregnant, specifically for the purpose of getting an abortion? Or is it more of "life gives you lemons; make lemonade" thing (i.e. "Crap! I'm pregnant! Oh least I get to kill something!")?

She might have the answers on her blog, of course, but I'm fresh out of anti-emetics, it appears. Sigh...

JJ said...

If you have to show gore from surgical trays & gross people out to even get their attention (let alone convince them of anything), your argument is a weak one.

The bottom line: If fetus fetishists can't defend their position on its merits, which they obviously can't since they've had over 40 years to do just that, then they're going nowhere.

It must be terribly depressing: 40 years of protests, fetus marches and fetusmobiles and still over 2/3 of the country remains steadfastly Pro Choice.

fern hill said...

Yeah, GN, it was new to me too. I mean, there's the Culture of Death meme, but I thought that was just a phrase.

It does come up in a quiet sort of way in their squawking over multiple abortions. Vampirish: The sluts get a taste for killing.

Then there's another subtheme: Abortion is addictive.

It's all too fucking nutz for me.

fern hill said...

Yes, they're losing/have lost, so it must be Satan's death-lust, aided by evil feminists, up against them.

I say again, it's nutz.

Sixth Estate said...

Ah, of course. I apologize.

liberal supporter said...

She is a religious fanatic. While her stated faith is not particularly cultish, she has a cult personality and so assumes everyone else does. So it can't possibly be someone has a fetus killed because they have chosen to, it has to be due to joining a cult. Someone getting an abortion couldn't by definition be in their right mind from her point of view. Personifying fetuses, which are essentially inanimate objects would be a sign of being not in one's right mind though. It can be a sign of a personality disorder. Disordered people who are also religious fanatics can be very dangerous.

Mentarch said...

Funny story: after 2 tiring days of putting forth fact after scientific fact to @RoseBlue on Twitter with regards to fetal independent viability, what a zygote is, lack of brain activity prior to 24-25 wks gestation, etc., she kept on going "lalalalala-I-can't-hear-you" while *demanding* ... scientific facts and evidence.

Exasperated, I finally (I'm only human after all) called her out on her mendacity, hypocrisy and blatant willful ignorance, and blocked her.

But you know what? Not once did I *ever*, until reading this post, realized that @RoseBlue = the infamous SUZYALLCAPS!!!!

(True story, folks - you may have a good laugh at my expense, for it is well deserved. Had I only known, I would've never even bothered with her on Twitter).

So, altogether now: ROFLOL @ Mentarch! ;-)

deBeauxOs said...

SHE is also @SoleilRose - just to prevent more grief, Mentarch - this time en français.


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