Sunday, 27 May 2012

Note to NatPo Visitors

A couple of days ago I left two comments on Mike Schouten's (the guy behind We Need a Law (Like a Hole in the Head) brain-twister in the National Post, in which he threatens PMSHithead that for abandoning the abortion issue the Mighty Evangelical Bloc will punish him by voting NDP.

One identified Schouten as a Dominionist; the other was in reply to someone asserting that fetus fetishists had nowhere else but the Contempt Party to park their votes.
Um, Mike ran as a Christian Heritage candidate.
In each, I left a link to the May 1 DJ! post about Schouten and his connections.

Since then, I've been deleting a bunch of barely coherent splutterings from various Anonymice.

This one just came through and I thought I'd share. Look for the tells.
I was speeding through a playground zone and told the cops that they had no right to impose their values on me. Strangely though, they didn't buy it. I told them that nobody had the right to tell me what to do with my body, and if I wanted to press hard with foot on they gas pedal, who were they to constrain my freedoms? They still gave me a ticket. And I am a lesbian womyn. Therefore, all police are mysoginistic homophobes, clearly, as are the bigots who make traffic laws. Stupid ignorant people. All law is imposition of values. Stupid silly morons. Every time I hear or read one of your inane slogans I cringe a little bit. I die inside just a little bit more whenever I try to fathom how irrational some presumably mature humans can be. What a sad, sad world, so filled with idiots.
Now I wouldn't wish ill on anyone, but I sure hope this Anon bookmarks DJ! and keeps on reading. ;-)

NOTE to NatPo readers and would-be commenters: DJ! will not provide a venue for your vitriol. DJ! is reserved for our vitriol.


Pseudz said...

I wonder if anyone has ever bottled some innocuous coloured liquid under the label-name of Vitriol. It could be sprinkled about like holy-water before Con-cock-us meetings. Whoops . . . Is that vitriol?

Sixth Estate said...

I'm not a psychologist, but it sounds to me like that poor person was bullied as a fetus and has never gotten over it.

Niles said...

I'm still trying to parse how evangelicals are all progressive 'caring for others' in their words and deeds and apparently only voted for Harper because they believed he really did have a hidden agenda and was lying that he didn't until he got a majority and short of that, they're all going NDP because the NDP are so progressive and Good Samaritan.


I guess it reveals Martyr Mike's thoughts on matters at any rate.

As for the nonnytrolls, there's nothing like incoherent strawman word salad for roughage if their spew is any indication.

PS: I think "DJ! will not provide a venue for your vitriol. DJ! is reserved for our vitriol." should be a motto for the blog. Maybe in Latin.

fern hill said...

You got the learnin' for the Latin, Niles?

Sixth Estate said...

DJ! non providere a visneto pro uitrioli. DJ! reservatur pro uitrioli.

Or so Google tells me...

Námo Mandos said...

I'm guessing it would be something like:

DJ! provisor fori vituperationi tibi non est. DJ! vituperationi nobis reservatur.

Been a while though.

kootcoot said...

I'm so old that Latin is my birth tongue, well it was in church anyway!

the regina mom said...

Jeebzuz! I have a month of posts to catch up on. This paid work thing really cuts in to my politicking time, dammit!

Anywho, my friend's kid has taken all the Latin classes available here at the U of R so I shall ask him what he thinks the translation would be.

Cheers and happy summertime vitriolizing to all at DJ!

the regina mom said...

"DJ! pro vehementia tua locum non dabit. DJ! reservata vehementia nostra est"

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