Saturday, 26 May 2012

Finally. Fetushist Speaks the Truth

After ignoring my straightforward question on Twitter on why we need Woodworth's Wank, then side-stepping with non sequiturs about the 'law reflecting truth', SUZYALLCAPSLOCK comes clean.

The sole purpose of M312 is to recriminalize abortion.

OK? We're clear on that?

(SUZY has me blocked which, I've just found out, disallows me from linking to her statuses and embedding her tweets. Yay! Full and fair exchange of ideas! Thus, screenshot. [I have more.])

BONUS: The galloping idiocy this whole schmozzle is generating is too much for smartypantses to resist. Yay! JJ, the unrepentant is back on the beat.


JJ said...


Niles said...

They make it clear on the CCBR site, they're about nothing less than criminalized abortion with no exceptions and M312 is oh so great. This apparently comes from their mandate about the 'sanctity' of life from "conception to natural death". Which means to me, none of them should be getting any medical care at all because ain't none of it natural what with the meddling satanic human intervention in God's plan for any individual mortal dying a horrible lingering young death from things like appendicitis, sepsis, burns, blood clots, strokes, disease, abcesses, etc.

What are HER links to CCBR? Given the staff's track records, 'parentage' and friends, I'm wondering if they're the near-singularity behind most of the noise in Canada after being birthed and trained by the American father house.

Sol said...

One word: Storify.

fern hill said...

I know. I mean to get into it, but kinda busy. Thanks for reminding me.

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