Tuesday 1 May 2012

Brought to You by Dominionists: 'We Need a Law'

[ADDED May 27/12: Attention, visitors from NatPo, check this out.]

There's a new player in the UnDebate, or, Woodworth's Wank.

Tada! Unleashed today, We Need a Law (Like a Hole in the Head). Its tagline is 'preborn human rights'.

Here's its glurge-filled media release.

The site was created on January 18, so this has been in the works for a while.

The front man is Mike Schouten of Surrey, BC. An interesting career fetus fetishist/Dominionist.

He ran as a Christian Heritage Party candidate in the last federal election.

I didn't know this. The CHP called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration.
The federal Christian Heritage Party is calling for a national moratorium on immigration from Muslim countries to curb increasing radical Islamist power in Canada.

Mike Schouten, CHP candidate for South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale, admits his party's stance on this issue will likely result in charges of racism. But he says it's about protecting Canadian values as outlined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

"This issue, because of the climate of political correctness, is not allowed to be talked about," Schouten noted.
Shocker! He didn't win.

On January 26 this year, it was reported that he parted company with CHP (emphasis mine).
Cloverdale’s Mike Schouten has parted ways with the Christian Heritage Party, handing in his party membership earlier this month.

As the CHP’s candidate for South Surrey - White Rock - Cloverdale in the 2010 federal election, Schouten came in sixth out of nine, with 429 votes.

He told Black Press he did a lot of soul-searching after the campaign, wondering if his “gifts and talents were well used in a political setting.”
. . .
Schouten says his parting with the CHP is amicable. He left because he has another opportunity to concentrate more on the pro-life cause that is his primary concern than he did within the CHP.

His letter to the editor, “Gay lobbyists forcing ideology on youth,” (Cloverdale Reporter, June 3, 2010), which lamented the “hijacking of local anti-bullying campaigns by homosexual advocates,” and referred to homosexuality as a “completely unnatural lifestyle,” drew criticism from other readers.
And he's a fairly regular commenter at ProWoman, ProLie.

More googling. And we find some more stuff.

Schouten (plus, one presumes, relatives Jody and Doug) are aaaallll over the Association for Reformed Political Action.

Regular readers here will remember ARPA, yes? It's where we found that little nugget of info about Tim Hudak pledging to defund abortion.

Here's a sample contribution from Schouten at the ARPA site.
It’s time Canadians stood up to the bullying of the homosexual community. Their militant efforts to force all of us to not only tolerate but to accept and even celebrate their choice to practise a completely unnatural lifestyle needs to be stopped!
Aaaaand now, the REVEAL
Mike Schouten, from Cloverdale BC, was also able to share with the ARPA reps about an exciting new campaign that he plans to lead, under the direction of ARPA Canada, starting May 1st.
So that's who is behind We Need a Law Like a Hole in the head.

ARPA's mission.
The mission of ARPA Canada is to educate, equip, and encourage Reformed Christians to political action and to shine the light of God’s Word to Canada’s municipal, provincial, and federal governments.
A bunch of racist, homophobic, misogynist gord-botherers who want to take over all levels of government.

We clear on that?

Okey-dokey, then.


the regina mom said...

Excellent sleuthing already this a.m. and I haven't even finished my first cuppa joe!

Beijing York said...

Imagine, the CHP is not radical enough for this dude.

As for ARPA, they hosted a God & Government event with the help of MP Maurice Vellacott, who sponsored the evening event for MPs, along with MP Lawrence Toet and John McKay.


Supposedly there was representation from the LPC and NDP at the event. Would love to know who.

Luna said...

Bravo! :)

fern hill said...

Verrry interesting, BY. I'd love to know who, too.

Clickable link.

fern hill said...

Advantage, Time Zone. ;)

Anonymous said...

he looks super creepy!

@runraptorrun said...

Oh, hey, hello Mr. Creepy-Anti-Everything-Fellow.

What a... really disturbing set of goons. Wow.

fern hill said...

Why I posted photo. Anyone know a normal guy who goes for that beard-no-moustache creepy look?

Anonymous said...

he would look creepy even without the weird beard.
its those beady eyes...

Bina said...

Sweaty hair, chin whiskers, creepy eyes...yeesh. All that's missing is the hooded sheet. And funnily enough, our Charter says NOTHING about the right to exclude and discriminate, so that's a major wank.

pat said...

Oooh. Multicultural=treats from Holland. Yah. Not.

Niles said...

So, he's the poster boy for young, hep theocracy that isn't satisfied with the non-progress of the reactionary racists at Christian Heritage and is 'outreaching' for Gileadeon's Bible now.

Can the sleuths discover who's behind the link at his site where he's getting all his truthiness 'fakts' about abortion?

Abortion Myths purports "The purpose of this website is to provide clear, accurate and reasoned responses to the most
common questions, assumptions and abortion myths that surround the abortion debate and the legal
right to abortion-on-demand in Canada."

...but it's full of the usual fallacious crap on a cracker falsehoods desperately flailing for credibility.

Are there any backroom connections to Tristan Emmanuel and/or McVety?

They want to follow their sect's religion? Fine. Keep it out of my government. If this guy is a Real Dominionist TM, he's not interested in any laws short of (his version of) Christian dictatorship of everyone everywhere all the time. I have no doubt he thinks he'll be one of the leaders of the new Order.

liberal supporter said...

"Roofie" Schouten: Poster boy for the right to choose, for rapists to choose the mothers of their children.

Cold North Wind said...

I personally have no doubt that NAMBLA types and fathers' rights types are in there. This kind of vicious garbage attracts them.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you guys, regarding your experiences with the pro-life crowd over the years.

How much of it is a genuine belief that all life is sacred? How many truly care about women and babies and just genuinely want to make the world a better place? I can at least respect those people, even if we disagree - they truly seem to care.

But the rest, how much of it is just thinly veiled misogyny that they probably are not even aware of?

fern hill said...

There are a lot of people, feminists included, who are personally anti-abortion. They would never (or say they'd never) have an abortion themselves.

But -- and here's the BIG BUT -- they wouldn't impose their views on anyone else.

They walk the walk by adopting, fostering, supporting programs that help women keep wanted pregnancies, stuff like that.

I respect them for it.

Anyone who would lie to, demonize, stigmatize, and manipulate women to stop them from controlling their own bodies, I would call an ipso fatso (Archie Bunker) misogynist.

And not very thinly veiled in a lot of cases.

Beijing York said...

I would add that the empowerment of the hard right religious zealots in the political sphere has come with a shopping list of 'morality' issues that seek to undo the advances made by women and LGBT citizens. These same "think of the poor pre-born baby" and also the first to condone bullying of gay children and teens.

Anonymous said...

Could someone let IntenselyCreepyGuy know that most virulently homophobic men are actually just repressing their own homosexuality? Is this what he wants to advertise?

Hey, IntenselyCreepyGuy! Just allow yourself to be who you are and let everyone else get on with their own lives. We'll all be happier.

Anonymous said...

but but...by controlling our bodies we have more freedom! duh!

Anonymous said...

Hey, one can argue for equality (for both sexes) without approving of garbage like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Nice work Fern, how'd you find this paleocon ;) Never heard of this mutant before, but now I have :)

When will these religious fanatics learn they don't have the right to impose, impede or infect their radical, self-righteous cultish dogma upon any woman's personal autonomy over their own lives and bodies. These Religious neanderthals need to crawl back under the rock, or cave they slithered out from, and stop proselytizing their personal and archaic verbiage-which is goes against my Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Ps: I would love to know who lpc/ndp representatives were as well


Jane said...

Thanks Fern. I've seen this guy pop up here and there. Glad you did the work to firmly connect him into the grid for us.

e.a.f. said...

He wants Muslims kept out of the country? I want people like him kept out of the country. Whether they are CHP types or extremists from another religion, they are all extremists & our society doesn't need them.

If they have extremists views keep them to themselves. They do not have the right to force their views on others.

fern hill said...

@Anonymous and the other guy:
This is a private blog. Not some 'free speech' zone. You are not entitled to spew crap here. And you won't.

Just so you know. And give up.

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