Monday, 30 April 2012

... and the horse you rode into town, Texas antichoichers!

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked a new Texas rule that would have excluded Planned Parenthood clinics from offering women's health services for the poor in the state because the organization provides abortions.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel in favor of Planned Parenthood means thousands of women enrolled in the Texas Women's Health Program who go to its clinics will not be required to find new healthcare providers, at least for now.

"The court is particularly influenced by the potential for immediate loss of access to necessary medical services by several thousand Texas women," Yeakel said in a 24-page ruling.

The preliminary injunction is a big win for Planned Parenthood, which has been under siege in several states by abortion opponents. In the past year alone, states including Wisconsin, North Carolina, Tennessee and Indiana, in addition to Texas, have all moved to block Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer money.
From here.

The War on Women's Reproductive Rights continues in the US; this is one small victory.


Beijing York said...

Yay! Ann Richards and Molly Ivins must be applauding from on high.

the regina mom said...

My hope is that all the assbackward US states will start to see the light. My fear is that none will. And my greatest fear is that Canada will follow suit.

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