Tuesday 22 May 2012

BREAKING! Fetus Lobby Enters Way-Back Machine

As we asked back here, what the hell are the Fetushists® up to with their cheesy teaser?

Today's the Big Day. Finally we can answer the burning question.

Not much.
Anti-Abortion Activists Highjack Abortion Rights’ Pet Project

Young adults with the anti-abortion group, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform have released details today about their plan to take a project once used to advance abortion rights, the 1970 Abortion Caravan, and to instead abolish abortion with their own spin-off: The New Abortion Caravan.

In one week’s time, 20-plus young people ranging in ages from 19-36 will be driving box-bodied trucks with 7-foot tall and 22-foot wide posters of aborted children, demonstrating on street corners with similar graphics, and circulating postcards at peoples’ homes. They are starting their campaign in Vancouver on May 29, travelling across the country and ending in Ottawa on Canada Day.

CCBR’s executive director Stephanie Gray explained the historical significance of her group’s tour: “We have taken the sacred cow of Canada’s abortion rights movement and are using it to advance the cause for pre-born children.”
Pet project? Sacred cow?

From forty-plus fucking years ago?

Zowee. They've gassed up a few more FetusMobiles®.

JJ dubbed their perambulating fetal porn trucks FetusMobiles® at least five years ago.

And they've been pissing people off ever since.


deBeauxOs said...

That should turn out well. Heh.

Berlynn said...

I envision spray paint jumping off the shelves...

Niles said...

So, this is like Harper announcing funding for something as if it was new, when it's just repeating funding that was already committed years ago.

At least the campaign for diamond shreddies was funny.

Anonymous said...

It's better this way. When they come up with their own ideas, it usually involves shooting and arson.

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