Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Diluted Rights 200C

People in favour of diluting human womb owners' legal 'personhood' rights like to use the framing of pregnancy as justification.  The actual existence of a born individual in a society is denigrated in favour of enabling legal 'personhood' for the gestating potentiality of 'homo sapiens sapiens' replicating cells triggered by initially successful union of haploid cells.

This dilution of extant power in favour of potentiality is touted as something that makes society stronger and better and womb owners scientifically happier and healthier.

It occurred to me where else this argument is offered. Homeopathy.  Homeopathy is an alternative 'medical' practise where repeated dilution of a substance is said to make its efficacy as a a health cure incredibly potent , while negative side effects are completely neutralized.

Less is more .  It might explain why social conservatives are so often all about the fetus and not about a born baby or the woman forced to carry it to term.  There's too much humanity in the born forms, not diluted enough.  But diploid cells? A zygote? Not even implanted yet?  That's the kind of diluted cellular count Legal Persons they can invest their time and money in.  The quack science for dilution of rights and solutions seems to be pulled from the same rebutted holes.  I wonder how much overlap there is in the camps of belief?

When will the homeopaths lobbying Harper's government be getting a debate in Parliament?


Pseudz said...

The overlap would indeed be interesting. In Canada, resort to homeopathy is voluntary. I suppose that we'd all be abetter protected if the practitioners of homeopathic services had a a rule in corollary to the Hippocratic oath: 'First, waste no time.'

How about we try the idea that Woodworth's motion is a thinly veiled effort to steal rights from unborn women. It's got a pretzelly logic that's all too familiar to the zygote-zealot set - and it sort of ties their rhetorical shoe-laces together.

Niles said...

Pseudz, I think the pro-forced birthers have the stealing rights from unborn women tactic.

They're using the topic of sex-selective abortions as causing a war on unborn women by 'pro-aborts'. All the while, they assiduously avoid the cultural favoritism of boy children in societies being the deeper cause, deciding harm reduction starts at banning women's rights to own their own bodies.

Chris said...

My daughter and her friends have taken to performing an old Bill Maher monologue which can be summed up by the line: "Pro-life, but only when microscopic."

Way too funny. Helps bring me back from the edge when I feel like screaming out loud.

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