Thursday, 26 April 2012

Comic relief apéritif

I don't have terribly much more to add to everything that has been said about and against M312, at least not until the initial ordeal is over. The question of "when does Life(tm) begin" has absolutely never had a very clear answer on which all people have agreed---and what it means even if we were to agree has been far from clear. In any case, the proponents are asking the question in bad faith with no actual desire for some sort of interesting philosophical discourse, but instead glib platitudes that imbue DNA with implied supernatural properties, platitudes derived in reverse from their real, known desire to traduce the rights of individual women. Yes, we knew that. The battle lines were drawn a long time ago.

So in lieu of engaging with any of it seriously on its own, I offer up this couple of amusing, vaguely topical apéritifs. First of all, this...reimagining of Lada Gaga's Bad Romance, which some of you may have seen:

Secondly, a hilarious anecdote from one of my US blog/RL friends, Jennifer at Saying Yes.

Before these visits I would chant... think of dolphins, think of dolphins, think of dolphins...

But when they'd come in to check me out and would ask something that merited a smart-ass answer, with me giving it, and them taking me seriously, my BP would shoot sky high. I knew the drill... take the woman, who may or may not be abused, to a dark room... and let her think of dolphins for 10 minutes. Test again.

(Protip: don't click on the link at the beginning of Jennifer's post labelled "fish's" in public. It is hilarious but, um, a bit NSFW.)


Jennifer said...

I was going to thank you for the linky love, but that sounds wrong, now doesn't it...

deBeauxOs said...

Wow! I love that re-imagining of 'Bad Romance'.

kootcoot said...

Perhaps male mastubation to climax should be considered a capital crime, indeed, mass murder (unless of course done into a cup in a fertility facility)!

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