Saturday, 21 April 2012


Oreo breastfeeding ad-t

The Calgary Herald wrote about the controversy and censored this cookie ad - produced specifically for one-time use at an advertising awards program, according to Kraft spokeswoman Lisa Gibbons.

DJ! did not.

It would seem that RWNJ CONs are quite upset about the shameless display of a nekkid nipple in the mouth of an infant, because shriEEEk!

More about the furor around this ad, and the depiction of breast-feeding, here.


Niles said...

Honestly, I was focused on the cookie, thinking really? REALLY? getting kids that young to eat sugar snax? And I say that as an Oreo twister. Isn't sugary levels one of the complaints about formula replacement for breastmilk?

It's good to hear from shriekers women's full breasts are all about sex for them. I mean, like, after all, pre-born children have, like, the decency to be hooked straight into the mother's life-support system, out-of-sight, silent and clean.

Born babies are noisy, demanding creatures who should never be taken out in public because they might disturb others with all that wild behaviour of wanting food and clean diapers and a nap. Breastfeeding in public is just some weird political protest against having to bear children and proof women have no self-dignity and self-control.

Babies should stay home all the time and their mothers should stay there too because if women never straying outside the home was good enough for the classical culture of Athens, leaving the public sphere to men, then it's good enough now, because, like, they invented democracy.


Beijing York said...

Niles :-)

I really love that first Google doodle to promote breast feeding week. And breast feeding should have been normalized more than 2 decades ago.

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