Saturday 21 April 2012

Bullying and the Vatican Taliban

While this is hardly surprising, it is still infuriating.

Teachers at a Mississauga Catholic school are encouraging students to sign a petition that supports a federal motion to re-open the abortion debate, Xtra has learned.

In an email sent out to all teachers at St Joseph Catholic Secondary School this week, teachers are encouraged to ask students to sign. Xtra obtained a copy of the email from a source at the school.

Michael Payton, interim executive director of Centre for Inquiry, says the school is manipulating students to lobby the federal government on behalf of Conservative causes.

“This is a clear example of indoctrination and pernicious lobbying that is being funded by taxpayers in Ontario,” Payton says. “Why is this allowed in a publicly funded school? This is not education. It’s vile and manipulative.”
Are the admins keeping track of which teachers return the most signatures? Is it a quota thing?

How is this not bullying?

What galls the hell out of me is that these are the same people who whine: 'I don't want my taxes to pay for your abortion'.

Well, I don't want my taxes paying to brainwash a bunch of future misogynists!

Fight back. Download and print a petition opposing M312 here. There is room for 25 signatures, but you don't need to fill it up. ARCC needs 25 signatures total before it can submit it to an MP for presentation in the House.

h/t to commenter Godel Noodle for the PDF link.

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