Sunday, 1 April 2012

Censorship at Wankworth's FB page?!?!

Oh noez! Say it isn't so!

Sadly, according to Laura, t'is indeed what was done to her comment.
I would like to make it known that I just found Stephen Woodworth's facebook page. He made an ironic Twitter statement "International Women's Day is a good time to remember the day Canada's infamous law deeming women not to be persons was rejected."

To which I gracefully replied "How funny you should post this when your misogynist mentality is trying to take those very rights away with your Motion 312 by giving a fetus more rights than the actual woman!"


Moments later my comment was removed and comments were blocked or he blocked me, haha.
Keep in mind followers of Wankworth and supporters of his M312 have set up an account that claims Madame Justice Bertha Wilson has been "censored" by prochoice activists.

Yeah, the abortion criminalizers lie. And lie. And lie.


Laura said...

Food for thought. This video made me cry. Very Powerful.

fern hill said...

Laura's link.

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