Thursday, 8 March 2012

Where are the 'prolifers'?

Why aren't they working against pregnancy discrimination?

It's on the rise in Canada.
The number of pregnancy-related discrimination complaints appears to be on the rise, according to the chairman of New Brunswick's Human Rights Commission.

It is one of the most common complaints the commission deals with, said Randy Dickinson, calling the situation disconcerting.

In the past year, the commission has received 141 inquiries from employees and employers and eight written complaints related to pregnancy, he said.

It's up by 50% in BC.

And it never went away in the USA.
Female firefighters required to take pregnancy tests--and test negative--to be hired.

A pregnant truck driver fired after requesting "light duty" work per her doctor's recommendations.

A pregnant sales clerk told to get an abortion by her supervisor.

Stories from the dark ages of working women's history? Sorry.

This is fresh stuff from last month's long overdue hearing by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These shocking, blatant attacks on working women are going on more than three decades after passage of the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which requires most employers to treat pregnant women the same as other applicants or employees.

Instead, Canadian antichoicers are co-opting International Women's Day to -- surprise! -- protest abortion. *sigh*

In Calgary, where fetus fetishists are already pissing off people with the usual gory pictorial lies stuffed in mailboxes:
[t]hey plan to circulate their postcard featuring a quote by anti-abortion suffragette Alice Paul who said, “How can one protect and help women by killing them as babies?”

Today on IWD they're protecting just the 'pre-born women'. (Click the link; they actually use that phrase.)

You know, instead of speaking up for happily pregnant, post-born women who just want to keep their fucking jobs.

(Consider this my obligatory IWD post.)


Beijing York said...

OMG, Lifeshit used that fantastic poster from the Occupy Women website. I nabbed if for my Facebook wall.

Shelley Glover, St Boniface Harper MP, was interviewed on our CBC Radio drive home program re: IWD. She was surprised that she doesn't get more positive reaction from the women she distributes chocolates to on The Hill. Egads, her idea of marking IWD as a government MP is to treat the day as a pick-me-up tip from that awkward Kotex sponsored booklet on dealing with menstruation entitled "It's Wonderful Being a Girl". (I always preferred the Tampax one with illustrations of girls doing all sorts of cool things - like horseback riding, tennis and swimming.)

Niles said...

I love this town. I really do. Our pro-forced pregnancy martyrs are the bestest. Should be time for them to be gearing up to assault the UofC campus again.

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