Saturday, 10 March 2012


But. . .but. . . but. . . The Liberals!!11!!
An anti-Conservative robo-call has surfaced from the 2011 federal election campaign in Guelph – one the Liberals are now claiming responsibility for having funded.

Conservatives, however, are accusing the Liberals of deliberately obscuring the fact they were behind the calls.

The recorded message – circulated to the media by Conservatives Friday – attacked Guelph Tory candidate Marty Burke as anti-choice.
. . .

Liberal MP Frank Valeriote acknowledged the anti-Burke robo-call should have identified it was funded by his campaign.

You can listen to the call here.

Okey dokey then. So is the information correct? Yuppers, Marty Burke gets a bluebird on his Fetus Lobby Report Card.

Is it misleading? Nope.

Is it rude? Nope.

Is it an attempt at voter suppression? Nope.

Was it properly identified as coming from the Liberal campaign? Nope.

And that's all the Contempt Party's got.

Oh wait. Let's see what John (Senator-In-Waiting) Ivison has to say.
These calls appear to have been the catalyst for a number of Tweets from Andrew Prescott, deputy campaign manager for Mr. Burke, who complained about “anti #CPC voter suppression calls” aimed at his party, two days before election day.

Bwhahahahahaha. Really?

They have no shame.

By the way, Andrew Prescott has lawyered up and has cancelled a meeting with Elections Canada.


double nickel said...

They're all shameless fuckwads.

Alison said...

So glad the media have found a new and stimulating angle on RoboCon to write about.
With the exception of Tonda, Steve, and McMaher, I'm sure they were all really really tired of not writing about it at all.

liberal supporter said...

It's so refreshing to see the Liberals finally in the hands of someone who is more than a match for the frat boys in the CPC. Rae keeps releasing admissions of minor shenanigans and the CPC takes the bait every time, now trying to convince Canadians that cheating is ok because the Liberals were politically incorrect. When the 60% aren't rolling their eyes, they're laughing at the antics of the CPC buffoons. It's a simple game really, just be honest and assume Canadians aren't stupid.
The Harpocrites don't even seem to realize they are being played.

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